Shopping and More

I had so much fun last night!


The WIC appointment was really quick, for once, and I was out before 6pm.


I was at Arundel Mills by 6:05pm and headed through Bed, Bath, and Beyond (love the beyond stuff) on my way to Lane Bryant.


Lane Bryant had a really good sale going on and everything I bought was 50% off the ticketed price! I was in the store for about 20 minutes and bought five tops and two Capri’s. I didn’t see/find any skirts that I liked. The only downside to the trip was that I couldn’t find any pants or Capri’s that I like that were in my size; they were either too big or too small, so the one pair that I bought is about two sizes too big, but it has a belt/sash that I can use to make sure they stay up. When Greg arrived, I was already checking out. My total came to $94.00 and that was including a donation to some organization (I forget the name). Greg was impressed with my ability to go in and find what I like and leave, and that included trying on clothes!


After Lane Bryant, we headed over to Chevy’s for dinner. We ran into someone, the manager, who used to work at the company that Greg works for (since he was wearing the company shirt/uniform) and they chatted for a few minutes while I went to the table. Dinner was alright. The wings were great, but my meal wasn’t what I was expecting. I should have paid attention to the description of the item I ordered.


After Chevy’s, we stopped in FYE to see if they had The Transformer’s Movie, they did and we bought it.


After FYE, we headed over to Carter’s to shop for Amelia. Carter’s is a hit or miss when it comes to their clothing and prices. We looked around and bought three pairs of pants (one being overalls), and seven onsies, all in the nine month size. I did find that their selection was a little on the lacking side, but we were able to spend $55.00 without any problems.


After Carter’s, we headed over to The Children’s Place to see what they had. Their selection was even worse! But, I did find a nice little sweater cardigan for Amelia to wear in the mornings. Even Greg liked it, a lot. And, it was on sale from $14.99 to $4.99! Also, I found an adorable holiday dress that I would like for Amelia to wear for photos. It’s red checkers with black, gray, and white with a black bow on the waist. I found red tights to match and cute little black Mary Jane’s (just have to choose between shiny or matte) and thought about putting a nice red bow in her hair. She is going to look like a doll! I didn’t get any of the items because I want to talk to my cousin April about doing pictures for the Holidays first (to see if we want to do coordinating dresses; matching dresses, etc).


Finally, after The Children’s Place, we headed home. It was after 9pm when we left. We were shopping for three hours! When we got home, I did a little fashion show for Greg and he liked all the items I bought and stated, again, that he was impressed with the deals and time of my shopping spree! I am such a smart shopper.


Once I was done with the fashion show, I watched a little TV. There wasn’t anything on the network channels, so I headed over to Comedy Central and watched South Park for an hour. It has been a long time since I’ve watched this show (one episode a couple weeks ago doesn’t count since I used to watch this religiously). The episode at 10:30 was good! Hilarious even!! Greg and I were laughing so much, though mainly Greg. I am looking forward to Drawn Together tonight. After South Park, I headed for my shower while Greg put on Transformers. We watched the movie until midnight, with Greg skipping through the movie.


My sleep wasn’t that good last night. I kept waking up thinking I’ve overslept yet I didn’t want to look at the clock (my cell phone). Plus, I was having some pretty odd dreams; one being that of a nightmare sort. Sadly, I don’t remember the details.


Last night, on the way home from Arundel Mills, I called my Mom to check on Amelia and to tell her about the deals and clothes that I bought. Mom then goes on to say something along the lines of “See, you’re doing fine!” referring to Greg and me, or just me, keeping Amelia and being able to support her and my, or our, self. This time last year, without knowing, I was about 25-27 weeks pregnant; I was fighting bronchitis with no health insurance and I just started at a new job. October was a rough month for me, unbeknownst what I was going to experience in January! I shared with my Mom all the worries, concerns, thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc that I had when I told her in December that I was pregnant and felt that I wasn’t going to be able to provide all that Amelia would need, on all levels. So, it’s such an odd feeling to remember all the anxiety and fears I had last year and to see where I am now; very, very, odd feeling.


2 thoughts on “Shopping and More

  1. “…headed through Bed, Bath, and Beyond (love the beyond stuff…

    No lie – I could spend a couple of hours in that place. Hee hee! Love the ‘beyond’ stuff too.

  2. “…headed through Bed, Bath, and Beyond (love the beyond stuff…

    No lie – I could spend a couple of hours in that place. Hee hee! Love the ‘beyond’ stuff too.

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