“You’re Sparkily…”

…”I like it.”

 No, that quote isn’t from Greg but from a co-worker; a male co-worker that I’ve only spoken to once before. He was referring to my new shirt and that it has some sparkles around the collar.

It’s been a pretty slow day at work; which is something I am not used to.

To occupy my time I brought in The Perfect Wedding Guide that I picked up last month when Greg and I went ring shopping. I’ve been looking for reception and ceremony locations since I, ideally, would like them to be at the same place, which is why I liked the Harbour Cruise idea but not the price. I’ve found a few places and checked their websites and shared the information with Greg (which he hasn’t really commented about).

Greg told me last night that he’s still thinking about the idea for him proposal to me but he doesn’t know if he has the guts to do it – being going through with the idea of how to ask me not the thought of asking me to marry him. This is kinda getting exciting – I’m getting very curious of what he’s planning. But, I don’t ask him all that often so it’s still a complete surprise.

I was informed earlier this week that my cousin that is in the Navy stationed in Italy is coming home with his new wife (they wedded on June 9) at the end of November for a couple of weeks. My ex-aunt is planning a wedding reception on Dec 8 for them at some place in Bowie (of course we’re invited). It’s looking like December is going to be a busy month for parties; there’s the wedding reception, Greg’s company party, my company party, and my Grandma’s 68th birthday.

Nothing planned for this weekend, other than getting Amelia on Saturday. Greg’s Mom might come over on Sunday to check out the condo, but it’s not definite yet.

Just a low key day and weekend… enjoying the rainy weather.


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