Sunday at the Park

Greg and I went to Downs Park in Pasadena for the afternoon. The weather was great, again. We took a lot of pictures, as usual, and they are up on my Flickr account for your viewing pleasure.

Sunday has been pretty quiet. I didn’t go to bed until 1am, longest I’ve stayed up in a long ass time. I am so beat today. The park was to get the blood flowing and to get out of the house. It did the job very well, except I am even more tired now. I am pretty sure I’ll be going to bed pretty early tonight, probably after Deperate Housewives.

The park was pretty busy today since there was a car show going on. You know, every Saturday there is a classic cars car show at the Glen Burnie Mall (where the Target is) and Greg and I seem to go at the same time they set up the show. Classic cars can be interesting to look at but it seems that I am the only person who wouldn’t mind looking around at them. Guess I got that interest (in classic cars) from Van since we went to a lot of car shows when my brother and I were younger (Van would enter a few of his cars as well).

Amelia is such a chatter bug now a days. While at the park she kept talking and talking. It was so cute.

Greg and I didn’t stay too long at the park, maybe an hour and a half. We’re both so tired.

Tomorrow starts a new week.


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