48 Hour Recap

Even though I’ve already posted about the events of the weekend, I’ve decided to elaborate some more since the two posts were pretty vague.


Saturday was great. Greg and I got to bring Amelia home and visit with my Mom. My Mom already misses Amelia, as she’s told me each time she’s called over the weekend (countless times). My Mom is so excited and happy to finally be a Grandma; she won’t stop telling me how happy she is. She’s told me that she’s been waiting for years to be a Grandma and when I told her in December that I was pregnant, I could probably hear her cries of joy without the phone. When I spoke to Mom on Wednesday, after all the clothes shopping, and she was reconfirming with me that I am able to survive with a baby, I went on to remind her that if it wasn’t for her and Van, I probably wouldn’t have been able to do as much as I did. Especially with rent money for Sean, clothes for Amelia, paying my cell phone (even though I received help from Michele and Greg as well for the cell phone), getting the brakes fixed on the Pontiac (only to have it die a month later) and all the times Van let me ‘borrow’ money from him until the next pay check (though I only did that once in May). Seriously, I would have been a lot worse without my Mom and Van. I honestly don’t know where I would be without them. Which makes me think of my cousin April. Her Mom, my aunt, my Mom’s sister, died in December 2005 from Cancer. The diagnosis was very sudden and too late. Less than a year later, April and I are pregnant and we both have girls. April has a lot of friends and family, more than me, so she has a lot of support, but I feel slightly sad that she doesn’t have her Mom with her like I have mine. Aunt Ellie would have been so excited for April and me. Mom told me that when I told her that I was pregnant the first thing she thought about was calling Aunt Ellie to tell her (even though I told Mom not to tell anyone in the family) and then it sadden Mom because she couldn’t call her sister to share her excitement. I have no idea how my cousin has handled everything regarding not having her Mom around for her first baby; I don’t want to ask. April name her daughter after her Mom, Olivia Ellen. I probably would have done the same if I didn’t have my Mom with me.


Once lunch was done, Mom went her way (she had errands to run) and Greg and I headed home. Greg and I stopped at Target (no shock there) and bought Amelia some socks and more food – she’s in stage three now! – and just window shopped a little. Oh, I bought a new shirt and wore it to the park, so you can see it in the pictures. I like the shirt because it’s very thin and light which is how I prefer my shirts to be but they are hard to find.


We were home by 4:20pm, I called Mom to let her know that we made it home but she didn’t answer. Greg and I didn’t really do much the rest of the day – just hung around the condo, did some laundry and minor cleaning, and played with Amelia.


On Sunday, we were up by 8am, due to Amelia, and tried to figure out what to do for the day. We didn’t have to do any major grocery shopping and everything else was pretty much caught up, so we decided to head to the park. We were going to go a park in Montgomery County (don’t recall the name of it) but decided to go later and do something more local. I can’t wait until Greg and I buy the county pass so we can visit all the parks without having to pay for each visit (the pass is good for one calendar year; not 12 months from when you purchase it so we’re going to wait until Jan 08 to buy the pass). Greg and I never have cash with us; so we stopped at the local Giant in Pasadena to buy applesauce and get an extra $5 for the park.


We parked at our usual parking lot and walked to the pier and took pictures. I miss living on the bay; the breezes are so nice and just hearing the water crash onto the shore is so soothing and relaxing – I spent many summer nights lying in my bed listening to the bay and feeling the breeze through the window as I daydreamed about my crush or what to do for the summer. The summer of 1997 is one I’ll never forget! Once we were done with the pier we headed down to the ‘beach’ and walked along the shore line. I decided that I wanted Amelia in the sand and to see how she reacts to it. She was being cute, of course, and tried to eat the sand, the leaves, the sticks, and what ever she could get her fat fingers on. We did this for a little while, taking pictures and what not of Amelia and me. Afterwards, we just walked around and enjoyed the beautiful views of Fall. This is why I want to get married in the fall, all the colors of the leaves (especially red since it’s my favorite color) the clear blue skies and the cool temperatures makes everything perfect and Greg agrees with me. Moving on, Greg and I went over to the playground; I used the excuse that I wanted to put Amelia on the swings and slide but it was just me that wanted to play on the equipment (such a kid at hear). Due to the car show, the park was pretty busy and all the swings were taken except for one of the kiddie swings. We put Amelia in the swing and she didn’t really react – sadly. I hoping she would be all excited and shriek and squeal but she didn’t, she just sat there looking at the other person in the swing. Afterwards, Greg and I sat at the picnic table and just watched the others play on the equipment and reminisced about our childhood and our favorite things to do when we went to the playground. Not too long later, we headed to the car to go home. Amelia was getting a little cranky (though she would never admit it) and Greg and I where pretty tired from lack of sleep. Amelia fell asleep in the car but was awake before we made it home (she had two very short naps for the day). Once we were home we just chilled. We played with Amelia, talked about how hungry we were and if we wanted to eat an early dinner or have a light snack and then have dinner after 7pm (it was about 4pm when we made it home); we watched some shows on the Food Network (bad idea, as I mentioned to Greg, to watch food shows when you’re hungry); and uploaded my pictures. Around 6:30, we fed Amelia and gave her a bath and she pretty much crashed. She didn’t fuss one bit as I was dressing her and she fell asleep in my arms.


The rest of the night was uneventful – watched TV until 10pm, headed to the bedroom to take my shower and then went to bed. Greg followed suite and we lay in bed talking and then Amelia wakes up. Greg and I debate if we should get her or not… decide to do so and he brings her into bed with us… to which she wakes up and wants to play. Afterwards, Greg puts her back to bed where she fusses for a few minutes and then falls back asleep.


Today, Monday, has been pretty steady. Cousin April and I were emailing back and forth about Halloween plans and what to do and Holiday pictures. Looks like in November we’re going to get together for a photo shoot for the babies.

Also, today I thought about something that makes me really happy and my acceptance of being a Mom: having Amelia brought into bed with me each and every morning and seeing the big smile on her face when I say ‘good morning’ to her. The emotional feeling that comes over me is indescribable and thinking that this ‘routine’ is something that I can look forward to for many years to come. Yes, I really enjoyed the mornings that I could sleep in and be as lazy as possible (last Monday, the 15th, was great) but those mornings just aren’t the same.


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