Lazy at its best

Today has been a lazy day and great!

Amelia woke us up bright an earlier – before 7am!

The morning was busy-ish as Greg and I did some condo cleaning; but we were done in an hour and a half. I’m amazed at how well Greg and I are keeping the condo clean and organized – especially since neither of us are the most clean and organized people.

Greg and I had a great time last night with Michele and Bobby. After dinner, we headed over to their hotel room and hung out for an hour. Their hotel room had a heart shaped jaquzzi tub, to which Michele and I got in (clothed) and teased the boys … verbally. Afterwards, we came home and put Amelia to bed and then Greg and I had a little fun of our own (again).

Greg’s Mom and brother Ken came over today and hung out for about two hours! We talked about what to do for the Holidays and it looks like we’ll be spending Thanksgiving with my family and Christmas morning with Greg’s. Works for me.

Friday night Greg and I had an interesting conversation regarding the engagement ring and how he’s going to get it. He also mentioned that two of his co-workers, Gmac and Greg H., are also thinking/planning on proposing to their girlfriends and that Friday the three of them were talking and looking at rings together and such. Aww… how cute!

Right now, as I type, Greg is at Giant getting bacon and ice and we’re going to have hamburgers for dinner. Amelia is at my side playing with my cell phone, and Hereos season one has been playing since the marathon began. Today has been great!


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