Happy Halloween

I must wish Brooke a Happy Birthday! How cool would it be to have your birthday on Halloween! I can only imagine the birthday/Halloween parties she’s thrown.

I’m surprised a lot of people dressed up for Halloween at work! Well, more than I was expecting. Some are great, such as Eric dressing up as Slash from Guns n Roses and some are not as creative (but at least they did participate). I am eager to see what kind of festivities the company is going to provide (an email was sent out on Monday promoting participation) and I was able to wear shorts for my costume; yay me.

My journey to the AT&T/Cingular store was not as bad as I was expecting. Don’t get me wrong, the guy that assisted be could have been a little nicer with the tone but he did tell me something that I’ve wondered about in the past; I can replace my current phone without having to pay the ‘market price’ for a new phone and just buy a GO Phone and put my sim card in. So, that is what I did; after I left the AT&T/Cingular store I went over to the Best Buy and bought my new phone for $50. I don’t like the phone but it will do until I can renew my contract in Feb 08.

While at Best Buy, I was surprised at how empty the place was and how I was able to not wonder around the store and look at the cool toys (cameras, video/computer games, computers, appliances, and console games). I was impressed with my self control and to resist the urge to do a little holiday shopping.

Once I made it home I started dinner (crock pot spaghetti with meatballs) and goofed around with Amelia. Greg arrived not too long after and we dressed Amelia in the lion outfit that a co-worker brought in for her (her kids are 4 and 9 years old) and tried to take pictures but Amelia just wasn’t having it. She cried the entire two minutes she had the costume on. I haven’t decided on what we’re doing for Halloween; I may dress Amelia up again and drive over to Sean and Aaron’s and just hang out for a bit, maybe take some pictures and what not.

I have a paper cut on my lip and it hurts. Yesterday I wrote a thank you letter to a great aunt that sent a gift card for Amelia (which I plan on using to buy the dress with) and I haven’t been able to find my awesome thank you cards that I bought earlier this year so I wrote a nice letter and as I was sealing the envelope I sliced my upper lip. Just thought I would share.

An interesting thing has occurred; yesterday I received one of those emails where you scroll down and make a wish and then pass it on – yeah well I was bored so I did it. Today, certain actions have taken place that would allow my wish to come true! It’s not like I wished for more money or anything with a material value or something that I can show; my wish was/is for something that is more mental (not world peace or eternal happiness) accomplishment of sorts – hard to explain without saying what the wish is.

“IT” should be arriving tomorrow; in theory. I have absolutely no ‘feelings’ that “IT” is on the way and this is weird. This time last month I was in misery. I even went home early due to my body being attacked by “IT” and its minions known as hormones and their damage to my physical being. And now, there is nothing! It’s kinda scary because I don’t know what surprise tactic “IT” is going to throw at me. Only one way to find out…


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