Where are we?

Today I just wasn’t in the mood to write. There really isn’t much to write about. Besides, I was uber busy with emails from so many people! I was feeling so popular! Yesterday I sent out a mass email to some friends and family to provide me with their mailing address so that I can update my address book and I provided my address to update theirs. Well, I got a huge response and pretty much spent the whole day catching up with everyone via email and it was great.

My retention rate for the end of the month was only 66%. I was hoping to make it to 70% to get the bigger payout, but I am still going to get a pretty good commission.

Greg and I didn’t do anything last night for Halloween. We watched TV, I think, and went to bed. Greg hasn’t been feeling all that well for the past week, same for Amelia. Seems I;m the only one that hasn’t fallen ill to the bug going around; *knock on wood*.

My Mom is coming up on Sunday and we’re going to go shopping for Amelia’s holiday dress and then we’re going to go to JC Penny for pictures! I want to go early so that I have enough time to create the holiday cards and mail them out. I am also thinking of creating a postage stamp with a picture of Amelia and using the stamps in conjunction with the holiday cards. Will that be too much?

Anyway, I’ll try to write more tomorrow.


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