*Insert Title Here*

Yeah, I know. So clever, huh?

Anyway, it’s Friday and I am looking oh so forward to the weekend. Plus, work has provided lunch for us from Famous Dave’s (one of my favorites).

I’ve set up the appointment with JC Penny for Sunday afternoon. That should give us plenty of time to find a dress for Amelia and maybe have a nice lunch together. I told Sean that Mom was coming up in hopes that we could all get together; Sean’s reply was “I’ll see what I have on the calendar” I know he’s joking but it was his lack of enthusiasm that was a little disappointing. But, that is my brother.

Other than the pictures; don’t really have anything planned. Still going to go shopping at Target and clean the condo (Amelia is such a messy girl) but keeping it a low key weekend, just the way I like it.


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