Weekend Review

I am exhausted! This daylight savings thing has me beat and so does Amelia. She was up bright and early at 6am (the new 6am) so I’ve been up since. It has been a long day…

But, here was my weekend in a nutshell:

Friday: was a nice quiet evening. Amelia didn’t fight when it was time for bed and Greg and I watched a little TV, then he got onto the computer to play some games and I went into the bedroom for a shower and to get ready for bed. After my shower, Greg came into the bedroom with me and we laid in bed talking and watching a show on the Discovery Health channel about conjoined twins at the head. It was interesting, to me. After wards, Greg went back to his game and I went to bed.

Saturday: started out slow and laid back. Around 3pm we headed out to Babies-R-Us to look for dresses and didn’t really see anything that we liked, but we did find a crib bumper, finally, and purchased it. While we were there, we looked around at all the toys and thought of some gifts for her and picture frames (babies first Christmas, etc) that we could buy to give out as presents. After Babies-R-Us, we headed over to Marley Station Mall to the JCPenny where I wanted to confirm our appointment and to see what dresses they had, which turns out to be much more than Babies-R-Us. Greg and I found two dresses that we really liked and both dresses only had one in Amelia’s size. We were tempted to buy the one we liked the most but Mom was adamant that she wanted to pick out and buy Amelia’s first holiday dress. So, we crossed our fingers that no one would buy it before we came back. After Marley Mall, we headed over to Target and did a little window shopping, picked up some new nipples for Amelia, and loaded up on the Halloween candy. Greg, literally, was like a kid in a candy store with all the left overs. We bought around 5 bags of candy, all of which were 50% off. We did pretty good and now we have plenty of candy to have at home and take to work.. Then we walked down the Christmas Isle and I started to get all excited about Christmas and all things related (mainly the decorating of the Christmas tree and visioning our first Christmas Eve together and sitting by the fireplace listening to Christmas music and watching the Christmas lights shimmer and twinkle) and it was very hard for me to contain my growing excitement and giddiness. It was about 5pm by the time we got home. We fed Amelia and played around with her and gave her a bath and she went to bed around 7:30 (which is early for her compared to the times she’s been going to bed this past week). Once Amelia was out, Greg and I laid in bed and chatted about our future together and what to do about the Holidays. Eventually we made it to the living room to start cleaning up (basically picking up Amelia’s toys) for Mom’s visit. We turned on Greg’s iTunes play-list and started to clean, talk, and dance with each other, that moment was probably one of the most romantic moments Greg and I have had recently, looking into each other eyes and holding each other as we swayed to the music. Words can not describe the moment we had. Afterwards, we watched some TV and went to bed around 12am.

Sunday:has been a long, eventful day! First, so much for Amelia adjusting to the ‘new time’. As I mentioned, she was up at 6am. I went in and brought her to our bed and we played around and tried to wake up Greg and keep him awake. We won. The morning was nice and slow. We watched Jaws and Amelia play with the toilet paper. Mom called around 8:45am informing us that she was just about to enter Waldorf and that she was on her way. Mom was here by 9:35am, just as Amelia fell asleep for her nap. Of course Mom was ‘heartbroken’ that Amelia wasn’t awake when she arrived and had to wait nearly an hour for her to wake up. During that time, we talked about the photos and where to look for dresses and what Greg and I found. We called Sean to see if he wanted to come over but he had to go to work today. We talked about where to go for lunch and decided on Rocky Run located at Marley Station Mall. When Amelia awoke, we fed and changed her and we were on our way. By now it’s 12pm. On the way to the mall, Sean calls me and tells me that he can make it to lunch and that Aaron and Craven were coming! Of course, Mom, Greg, and I, arrived at the mall before Sean and the gang so we walked around a little bit, bought some DVD -R for the recordable DVD/VCR player. Then Mom and I went into Claire’s to look for some barrettes for Amelia, Greg on the other hand decided to do a little window shopping on his own. But, Greg took Amelia with him and Mom’s purse was in the stroller, so we weren’t able to buy anything from Claire’s. When we left to look for Greg, we found him at a jewelry store looking at engagement rings. The look on my Mom’s face was priceless; her eyes were all wide and she had the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on her!! It was a priceless moment. So, I smiled back and walked up to Greg and asked him if he would like me to take Amelia (he said yes) and told him that Mom and I were going to Sears to look at dresses, which we did and didn’t find anything of interest. Then we head over to JCPenny to show Mom the dresses that Greg and I found. Turns out Mom liked the exact same dress that Greg and I did and bought it, along with lacy socks and cute little black shoes and everything was on sale.

We meet Sean, Aaron, and Craven at the restaurant and I have to ask for a highchair around 5 times! But, the food was good and we all had a good time. Sean even paid for our lunches! Afterwards, Sean and everyone left and we headed over to JCPenny for our portraits! We were there a few minutes early and dressed Amelia in her new dress and within 5 minutes we were in the back getting her in position for her Christmas Pictures! She did very good on the first 3 and then became very cranky and showed us how tired she was. We were able to get 10 different poses, including a few with the three of us. We decided to use the coupon that allowed us to get as many sheets as we wanted for $3.99/sheet. We ordered about 10 sheets and paid for the SmilesbyWireservice. Our pictures won’t be available until the 16th of Nov and the SmilesbyWire will take 10 business days (though I am hoping sooner). We considered ordering Christmas Cards but Greg talked me out of it since we can make our own with Photoshop. In all, our total was a little over $50. Greg and I going to use some of the photos (in a nice frame) as Christmas presents for extended family members that are out of state. Once the pictures were paid for (Thank You Mom and Van) we parted ways. Amelia fell asleep in the car, as we expected, and remained asleep for a little over an hour. During that time, I called Mom to see if she made it home and we talked about Greg and his window shopping. I asked if she was going to tell Van and she said yes. I asked Mom how she felt about Greg and she said that she adores him and feels that he treats Amelia and me very well and that she can see how happy he makes me. I remember the first time Mom and Greg met (last October), Mom told me as soon as Greg left that he’s very cute. Oh, little did we know at that time that I was carrying his baby. LOL.

Well, the pictures that I’ve taken today (not that much) have been uploaded and here’s my favorite picture:

During the downtime, when Amelia was asleep, I was showing Mom the cruise catalog and showing her how inexpensive it is and such. Then she stated that she would like for all of us, the family, to celebrate Christmas on a cruise! Greg and I were like, ‘hell ya’ because the more the merrier and cheaper! Greg and I were talking about it in the car on the way to the mall and he was like “we could postpone the honeymoon cruise until Christmas time and try to get a huge ass suite (the one that has three bedrooms, each with their own bathroom, a private pool, and a huge ass living room/space).” I’m like, “OK” because it would be cool. I’m sure we could find 5 ‘couples’ to join us in a Holiday Cruise in for the 2009/2010 winter season, right? Wouldn’t you go like to go to the Southern Caribbean for a 10 day vacation? So, that is some food for thought.


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