Two Weeks Plus More

In two weeks, it’ll be Thanksgiving.

In two weeks, I’ll have a mini-vacation (with no travel plans, yet).

In two weeks, I can do as much shopping as my feet will allow!

Needless to say, I can not wait until the week of the 19th!

Oh, and just so you know, the previous post was written by Greg. He’s all about himself.

In other news…

Work is going. Lisa is adjusting very well. Since she sits right next to me I am able to help her, a lot. Plus, it’s so nice to be able to joke around and remember the PRP days. I forgot how good it is to gossip; at least I don’t have to worry about PRP people hearing anything since we don’t really talk to anyone else on a regular basis.

We still don’t have our Christmas plans confirmed. We’re waiting to hear back from a few people to see where they’re going to be and such.

I got a new credit card today! I’m surprised that Capital One gave me another card! Granted, my auto loan is through them and the old accounts have been paid off for many years (and closed), but when I applied this time last year they declined me and now they asked me to apply (and was approved). I did activate the account but still hesitant about using the card, especially with all the Christmas shopping that I am getting excited about doing. It’s just too tempting to use the card for everything. But, at the same time I have 0% interest and I could pay off the card with one commission check and go from there. I don’t know, though, I am finally getting my credit back in order and I don’t want to fuck it up again. But, then again, my life is a lot better now that it was five (and more) years ago; my financial status is much better than what it used to be even though my debit is more than what it used to be. So many twists in life and credit.

So, I’ve begun to think about Amelia’s First Birthday and what to do, who to invite, and if I should combine the party with my birthday (29th) and our housewarming. I haven’t gotten very far in the thinking process, but a few thoughts have come across my mind.

Anyway, the pizza and wings are here and I am very hungry. So, at this time I am going to leave and watch “How I Met Your Mother” with Greg.


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