It’s Wednesday…

… where’s my surprise?


Only 7 more working days before I am out for a whole week! Can you tell that I am getting all freaking excited? I just can’t wait until Christmas is here and doing all the Christmas shopping.

Speaking of shopping, last night I was doing a little research on-line for Greg’s Christmas gift. I want to make sure what I buy is going to be compatible with the other items. As I was doing this research I told Greg to not turn around as I was shopping for his present and he replied with “Oh, that’s nice. By the way, what’s your ring size?” It was a joke. But, since he brought it up, I switched to engagement ring shopping and showed him, again, what I like and dislike.

Poor Greg, he’s been feeling under the weather for over a week now and Amelia hasn’t completely recovered from her head cold either. So far *knocking on wood, again* I have been the non-contaminated one.

In other news…

Yesterday I contacted the court house about the divorce papers and it turns out that Adam only had 30 days to reply to my certified mail and as we all know, he didn’t (well, sorta). So, according to the person I spoke with I can file for an Order of Default, which I did. So, now Adam has another 30 days to reply to the Order of Default. If he does not, then a default hearing it scheduled and I will more than likely be granted the divorce. It’s just a matter of time. Now, I haven’t told Adam that I requested the Order of Default. In fact, the only thing I’ve mentioned to him (I wrote him an email over the weekend) was that I am on a deadline and where’s the papers; and then later suggested he mail the papers directly to the court and not me. He did reply that he wasn’t aware of a deadline (did he really need to know) and that he’s been sitting on the papers as he’s been focusing on his new job as a medical transcription-ist. Um, ok… ?? And this new job delays your ability to read and sign a simple form for an entire month? Yeah, I know. I am still going to believe, in my little world, that Adam isn’t delaying this divorce process on purpose. I, again in my own little world, don’t see any logical reason for him to do so, therefore his actions are not intentional; he’s just a jackass. I’m sure there are those out there who sees things differently (I do get a lot of feedback) but I know Adam and this behavior (intentionally withholding something) isn’t like him. Besides, he has a girlfriend that he’s living with who (from my understanding) doesn’t know he’s married; so in my little world that would be even more reason for him to want to get this divorce done and over with. Wouldn’t you think the same


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