Fun Times

These past 24 hours have been so much fun!

After work, on Friday, Greg and I met at Bennigan’s and invited Aaron to join us. We were there for 2+ hours!! The food was good and so were the laughs. I tried to get a hold of my brother but he wasn’t answering his phone. Turns out he’s working some serious overtime for work (everything past Wednesday was all OT; same for last week); Sean is hoping to have enough OT money to buy a projector! We made it home around 9pm and Amelia went to bed (after a bottle) and I was asleep by 11pm.

Today, Saturday, has been full of activity! First, Amelia was up at 7am so Greg brought her into bed with us and we kinda fell back asleep until 8-ish. Then, we ate breakfast and took showers and gave Amelia a bath. Around 11:30am, we head out to Hagerstown. On the way we decide to stop and get my oil changed. While driving Greg and I talk about our future wedding and he’s confirmed that October 10th, 2009is going to be our date (I knew it would be all along). We talked a little more about his proposal idea (which I already know what he’s going to do; but he can still surprise me) and our honeymoon ideas which, so far, includes Greg and me getting away for a few days after the wedding and then having all our friends and family join us for a Christmas cruise. I’m really starting to get into this honeymoon planning stuff – sorta.  The next topic of discussion was what to do for our week off; I bought the The Post yesterday and was flipping through their Weekend section and saw that the National Air and Space Museum has a few exibits coming up and thought Greg might be interested in seeing them (Duh! Of course he is), so we’re thinking of spending a day in DC, a day in Delaware, and going back to Baltimore for the Science Center and another trip to Valley View Farms (this time we won’t go on a Monday as the Science Center is closed). I do know the Sunday before (Nov. 18), we’re joining a group of Greg’s co-workers/friends at some bar in Columbia to hang out and watch a football game. I’m actually looking forward to this get together. Greg’s friends/co-workers are so freaking funny!

We didn’t wait long for Michele, Bob and Chrissy to arrive at Prime Outlets; while Greg was eating a slice of pizza (which was after I had some chinese food), Michele and Bob were playing with Amelia (as usual, all pictures are on Flickr). Once we were all fed and warm, we headed out to the stores. First, we stopped at Carters and bought Amelia a few new outfits, then we headed over to the bookstore where Greg bought three Dr. Seuss books, then we headed over to Lane Bryant where I bought myself a new shirt and pants (which I am wearing as I type and they are so freaking comfortable), then we looked at Big Dogs (I’ve never been into one of these stores before – it was ok), then we headed over to the Timberland store where I bought Greg an early Christmas gift and told Michele about the cruise idea that Greg and I are considering and hinted that she should start saving up (at least I am giving everyone two years advance notice), then we headed over to the Big and Tall store where I bought Greg two new shirts. It was at this point (and nearly three hours later) that we decided to head over to Ryan’s for dinner. On our way to our car (since Michele and them parked on the opposite of where Greg and I parked), I saw a jewlery store and we decided to stop in and look. Whew! was this place expensive (even though they were promoting a 70% of ticketed prices) and the ring that I looked at was nearly $9,000!!! Good thing, for Greg, that I didn’t see anything that I liked.

It was at dinner that Amelia decided to let us know that she was done for the day. Everything started out fine if not great, then all of a sudden Amelia was done. She started crying and screaming and there wasn’t anything that Greg and I could do to sooth or calm her down. So, we left and we were home by 7:30.

This week went by so fast yet so slow. My Grandma kept me busy with the emails by asking a thousand and twelve questions about Amelia and my pending divorce. Grandma told me that she bought Amelia the Fisher Price Bounce and Spin Zebra; I think Amelia will like it.

I can not wait until Friday, the 16th, to pick up our Christmas photos from JCPenny! I still haven’t received the email from SmilesbyWire to inform us of with the pictures will be available. And, of course, with my employer blocking just about every website there is (except for Y! and eBay of all things) I can’t check anymore.

Eh, it’s almost 11pm and I’m getting sleepy. It’s been a long any action packed day. Time for bed.


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