Here’s Monday

Only 4 more days of the work week!!

I am so looking forward to this week off. And, I am so looking forward to Friday to pick up our Christmas pictures (which I am beginning to think that Greg and I didn’t order enough)!!

And, I know that ya’ll are waiting on your tippy toes to know what events went down on Sunday, so without further delay here is Sunday’s break down:

I think we were able to sleep in until 8am (nearly)! Amelia was her playful self in the morning and I, for some unknown reason, was wide awake; I played with Amelia and decided to call my Mom and we chatted for about a half hour (Boy do I love speakerphones) about the Holidays and what MeallyBug (Amelia’s nickname) was up to and Amelia was chatting back to my Mom. Eventually, Amelia became hungry so I ended the conversation with Mom and decided to let Greg sleep in a little longer while I take care of Amelia. But, as soon as I got out of bed, Greg awoke (he’s such a paranoid parent).

We started the morning going full steam into cleaning; well, I did. Greg played with Amelia and uploaded his pictures onto Flickr while I started the laundry, picking up the trash (newspaper that Amelia threw all over the place) and cleaning of the kitchen. I even unloaded the dishwasher and took the trash out (Greg usually does these tasks)!

By 11am, a majority of the condo chores were done and I relaxed on the couch while Greg played with Amelia. I believe it was around noon that Amelia took her nap and Greg and I chatted about things. Amelia’s nap was short lived, as usual, so we fed Amelia her lunch and we were out the door around 1:45pm. First stop was to Greg’s Mom’s. We ended up staying a lot longer than we had intended (which isn’t a bad thing) and left around 3:30pm. While at Greg’s Mom’s, we talked about Pat and what we can and can not send to him, we talked about Greg’s grandparents and our idea of telling them about Amelia, we talked about the Holiday plans (looks like we’re going to come over the weekend after Thanksgiving to be with Greg’s family). It was a nice visit.

After the visit to Greg’s Mom, we headed to Columbia to get an oil change for Greg’s car; we were 3 minutes too late. The Lube Center closes at 4pm on Sundays! D’oh! Oh well, off to Costco we go! We saw so many things we wanted to get as gifts for our family and friends at Costco, as well as for ourselves. There was this Canon camera and printer pack for $385! That would be an awesome present for me (as I hinted to Greg) but Greg wanted to make sure the price was worth the value/capabilities of the camera and printer. Greg is so frugal! Then, there was something that I found for his Mom, Disney’s The Jungle Book, special edition with 4 collector pins. I believe Greg mentioned, some where within the last 2.5 years of our friendship, that The Jungle Book was his Mom’s favorite Disney movie, and while looking at all the DVD’s Greg pointed out the Disney ones that he would like for our collection, as well as some of the non Disney movies (such as Shrek) and a Family Guy box set that he wants to send Pat for Christmas. We, while at Costco, picked out a lot of new foods to try for the next two weeks. Greg and I are starting to get a little more creative with our dinners!

Once our shopping was done at Costco, we headed over to Giant to pick up small items (sour cream, carrots, baby food, packets of mixes, etc). I believe we were home by 6:30-ish. Poor Greg, he made three trips to the car to bring in all the food from Costco and Giant while I put the groceries away and started dinner for us and Amelia. We made tacos for dinner and they turned out pretty darn good, if I say so myself. It’s funny, I was so anxious to get home so I could watch Bridzilla’s. I’ve become such a whore to this show! It just cracks me up that these people are like this and that someone wants to marry them. Greg gets a kick out of the show as well, and each night we watch it he tells me that he’s so thankful to have me in his life and that I don’t act like that.

Other than that, the weekend was pretty uneventful. It was nice to get out and see the fall colors on Saturday (and the drive was much better since I was doing the driving; lesson learned: any long distance driving is to be done by me, otherwise I will drive the driver nuts as a passenger)and it was nice to spend time with Greg’s Mom on Sunday.

There were some other things Greg and I talked about, mainly on Sunday as we were heading over to his Mom’s; things that I am confused about and have no idea why they’re on my mind. One thing I talked about to Greg was that I read his emails; well sorta. While he was uploading to Flickr, I wanted to check my email and when I went to Y!, he was already signed in. I thought for a moment to not go into his emails but decided against it since he did it to me earlier this year. I didn’t ‘snoop’ to any extent, but I did see that someone isn’t keeping their promise (even though Greg is, for the most part, keeping his) or is having a harder time ‘letting go'(that includes removing them from you buddies lists). Seems that someone says one thing but they do the exact opposite and try to make themselves be the victim when caught.

But, as I mentioned, the weekend was good and the weekends are only going to get better as the Holidays get closer! Last night, Greg and I were talking about how we are going to decorate our home for Christmas. It looks like we’re going to be using my tree this year but we’re going to buy some nice, real, wreathes to hang above the fireplace to have that nice Christmas pine smell in our home and maybe some garland around the patio doors and outside. And, the best part, is that we can start the day after Thanksgiving!! I can not wait to start decorating.

Also, Greg’s ‘letter’ didn’t come in the mail this week. He was informed the week prior that he should receive it soon, estimativly next week. Hopefully, he’ll have time today to call the place to make sure it was mailed.

I don’t know if I mentioned this or not, but last week, Friday I believe, I mailed the divorce papers to the court and now I just wait. I am so excited about this divorce being over as well. Once it’s done, I know there will be such a huge weight lifted off my chest and that things will only get better from now on.

Greg and I also talked a little about our wedding plans, what little we have. I do know, for a fact, that Greg wants to do more than a court house wedding. So, it looks like we’ll have an actual wedding to plan. Hopefully, we’ll be attending a few of the local bridal expo’s in 2008 to get a better idea of what to do. We have discussed a bonfire as our reception since we’re getting married in the Fall.


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