41 Days Until Christmas!

Yep, that’s right! I’ve begun the countdown on my blog. And, I’m probably going to set up a tracker so we can all watch the countdown just like I have for the birthdays. Speaking of birthdays, I am beginning to freak, a little, that Amelia has less than two months until her first birthday!! It is starting to set in that Amelia will soon be a toddler and no longer an infant/baby. It feels so weird to think about Amelia as she was when she was first born, then this past spring, summer and now. I remember thinking how much I was looking forward to this summer and seeing what Amelia was going to be like; how she was going to handle foods other than formula and things related. I know I wrote a post back in May with all the things I’m looking forward to for 2007/2008 and what goals I wanted to accomplish. I’m going to have to search for that post and see what I’ve done and what I have left…

In other news, the holiday portraits are available online!! I received the email from SmilesbyWire that the pictures are ready and they include every shot that we took! I was expecting to only see the pictures that we ordered. I forwarded the email to just about everyone I know and have received so much feedback about how adorable Amelia is and how great our family pictures look. If you want to see them, leave a comment and I’ll send you the access code for SmilesbyWire. Due to the pictures being copyrighted, I am unable to do a ‘save as’ (well, I am but the quality of the picture and size doesn’t due justice).

Moving on, I only have two more working days before I have my week off. I am getting so freaking excited! The money is looking a plenty for our shopping desires and we are expecting Greg’s ‘letter’ any day now and that will eliminate even more stress and allow us to have a lot more fun. Also, I’ve been hinting very heavily to Greg about a Christmas gift that I would like: A pair of diamond earrings, princess cut. I’ve never owned my own pair of diamond earrings and I would like to have something nice to pass down to Amelia when she’s older. Plus, as I’ve been looking online at engagement rings, I’m finding that I like the princess cut best, over all, and I would like matching earrings (at least by cut) with my engagement ring. With that being said, Greg has been teasing me with his Christmas shopping list for me.

Speaking of Christmas Shopping and gifts, I’ve received my order for Greg (came in the mail last night and Greg saw the company that I ordered it from and has an idea of what it is) and that makes two gifts that I’ve got hidden in the condo. I offered the one gift for him to open and he declined. Greg has stonger will power than me when it comes to receiving presents or wanting to know what is in store for him. I have pretty strong will power, but my curiosity gets the best of me (which is how I learned about Greg’s proposal idea) but, I will admit that I am doing very good, if I do say so myself.


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