Here It Is – Friday!

This day flew by!

I had an two hour meeting from 12-2 and I believe that is the perfect time of day to hold a meeting. To me, it makes the rest of the afternoon zoom.

I am very thankful that it was slow enough that I was able to read a good chunk of Airframe. The book is pretty good; and that’s a high rating from me considering my low attention span and even more so considering this book is pretty much about an airplane and all it’s parts and components and history. Surprisingly, I’m able to follow it and understand all the descriptions. Weird, I know.

Damn! I just remembered that I wanted to call the court house to follow up on the mailing of the order of default and divorce papers! D’oh!

Last night, Greg was acting all weird. Around 8pm, as the fire started to pick up (in the fireplace) Greg moved the coffee table – I thought he was moving it to the computer to put the printer, that I am borrowing from Lisa, on it and give it a test drive. I was wrong. Then , he comes out with the blue fuzzy blanket and lays it on the floor… ???… I am confused as to what he’s got up his sleeve. Then, he turns off the tv, walks around and turns off all the lights. Now, it’s completely dark except for the light provided from the fire. What is Greg up to?? I ask him what’s he planning (a proposal maybe?) and he says nothing. Then he grabs my hand and lures me to the floor, on top of the blanket, and we start to make out and before you know it… I’m sure you can let your imagination finish the rest. It was a very passionate moment; with the fire in the fireplace, seeing each other only in the light from the fire – very nice indeed.

Well, I’ve got the pictures from JC Penny! They turned out great! And, I paid the $14.95 for the other three sheets and they turned out pretty good too (one is a calendar with Amelia’s picture being the main; another is a picture in various sizes with a winter themed border; and the third sheet of various sizes without a border). Mom is going to be so excited with the results of the picture. I was getting so many compliments from the other parents, who were waiting in line, on the way Amelia’s pictures turned out. I’m collecting a mailing list, if you’d like a card just send me an email (I’m surprised at how many have sent me an email)!

I’ve got the laundry going; washing all of Amelia’s clothes, bibs, and anything else she might need while at my Mom’s. I’ve packed her food and bottles and everything else in between. Amelia has begun saying actual words, though I don’t know, for certain, if she’s associating  the words with people or objects. She can, and will, say “Dad” a lot. It is a little freakish to hear Amelia saying “Dad” as we walk around Target or as soon as she sees Greg pop around the corner. Amelia will also call the bottle “Bob” on occasion. Amelia has begun to mimic the sounds that I make; such as if I say owe (usually because she’s pulling on my hair), she’ll mimic the sound I made, though it doesn’t sound exactly like she said owe but its more the pitch and such. Also, when Greg and I say “Uh-Oh” she’ll respond with a ‘Ack-Oh”, kinda like a small cough (ack) and then oh. So freaking adorable. Seriously. I should try and record her for ya’ll to see.

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY; dropping Amelia off with Mom until Thanksgiving. I will miss Amelia. I will feel guilty by not having her here and enjoying the ability to sleep in (if I can) and get up and go without her. But, Greg and I need this time off from work and being parents. We’re going to spend three solid days alone and together. I don’t think we’ve spent that much time, alone and together ever. Well, the three solid days that is. I think.

Oh, while I was at the mall picking up Amelia’s pictures, I stopped at one of the jewelry stores (the one Greg was at when Mom and I ‘found’ him) and I was looking at their rings and I saw one that I like. It’s unique and not in the ‘gawdy’ way, yet elegant. The band wasn’t thick and the setting wasn’t ultra high. Basically, all the things I’m looking for in a ring where there. When I got home I told Greg about it and handed him the business card (with the tag number off the ring) that I got from the store. Let’s see if he follows my hint…

Well, it’s about 10:40 and I’m heading to bed. Night.


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