Nothing To Do

This is weird, again. Greg and I have nothing to do; we don’t have a baby to tend and care for, we don’t have anyone to feed (other than ourselves), anyone to change, or entertain (other than ourselves). It was weird waking up this morning and not have Amelia is bed with us, playing with our noses or hair, not laughing as Greg made silly noises and so much more. It’s pretty quiet at the moment.

I asked Greg this morning if he could ever go back to the ways things were before Amelia and his reply, without thinking, was no. Greg is feeling slightly miserable without Amelia. He misses her so much. Seeing Greg like this is really sweet; it shows how much he loves Amelia and never wants to be without her. That is such a strong emotion.

Here’s how our Saturday went down:

Amelia had us awake bright and early, as usual. We were all showered and bathed by 9am, I had finished all the laundry and layed all of Amelia’s clothes on the bed to start packing. Greg and I made it out the door by 10:45am, right on schedule (surprisingly).

The drive down to Waldorf was uneventful. No accidents to witness, no traffic and no extremely slow ass drivers. We were at our destination (a different buffet, believe it or not) by noon. Lunch with Mom was great, she loved the JC Penny pictures and took three (one 8×10 and two different 5×7’s). After lunch, we headed over to Giant so we, Greg and I, could get more formula for Mom. Once we were done with Giant, we headed our separate ways. Greg and I debated if we wanted to go to the Best Buy in Waldorf or the one by our home. We decided to go to the one by home. The drive home was just as uneventful as the drive to. It was weird. And, neither one of us brought our cameras to take pictures of the wonderful scenery along Rt. 301.

Greg and I wondered around Best Buy for about an hour. We didn’t buy a single thing. The items that we wanted to buy we wanted to make sure we didn’t have them at home. Ran into Aaron at Best Buy, hung out for a few minutes and showed him the family pictures. He said we all look adorable.

Then, we came home. Neither of us were really hungry so we didn’t have any dinner to make. I came online, chatted with some family members, created our Holiday Cards (gotta love Snapfish), which are ready for pick up as I type, and finished my book.  Greg and I didn’t go to bed until about 1am.

Today, we’re heading out to Colmbia to a bar to hang out with some of Greg’s friends and then we’re going to head up to Valley View Farms (I’m sure it’s going to be busy). We thought about going to the Science Center today, but since the Ravens are playing at home, we know there will be no parking in the city. Science Center is going to be on Tuesday.

Time to get ready to head out. I’m sure I’ll be back later and with pictures!


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