Seven Hours Later…

From start to finish, we spent seven hours out and about.

We had a pretty good time today! The only thing that would make this trip perfect is if the skies were clear and not the cloudy haze that they actually were.

We left the house around 11:15am and we made it back about 6:15pm. Traffic was a bitch in Virginia! As soon as we crossed the the VA/MD line, everything picked up. It was odd.

There really isn’t all that much to write about for the museum, it’s pretty cut and dry; a ‘parking lot’ of older airplanes and a section with astronaut stuff – to put it bluntly. Don’t get me wrong, I actually had a good time, despite my headache and paying nearly $16 for two McDonald’s “value” meals.  And, of course all the pictures are on Flickr. I haven’t titled the pictures because, honestly, I am feeling too lazy at the moment.

Greg and I have been invited to a Holiday Party for Dec 1, all the way out in North East, MD! I haven’t told Greg, yet. It is short notice but I am sure we’re going to go, even though the person hosting the party (and he’s married now) is an old crush/love of mine (we tried the dating thing but I was too afraid to ruin the friendship that we already had). This person and I have been friends since middle school days; and I remember having the biggest crush on him in high school. He’s one of the reasons I joining the marching band even though I didn’t know how to play a single instrument, at the time.  I am looking forward to seeing him and his wife. It’s been nearly 4 years since we’ve last seen each other.

I received a text message from Michele earlier this evening informing me that she’s coming down tomorrow morning because there is another lump in her breast. This girl has already had to lump removals from her breast, both confirmed as cancerous, and she’s had a complete hysterectomy because of cancer and she’s only 34 years old. This girl has been through a lot. And, when she sent me the text message, it reminded me of a thought I had earlier today as Greg and I were on 495 heading to VA; this time in 2005 I was driving in the same direction at least once a week to visit my aunt in the hospital as she was diagnosed with cancer. My aunt was 44 when she died on Dec 5, 2005. Those 7 weeks, from diagnosis to death, were really hard for the family, and those memories came through me earlier. Michele wants me to go with her to the appointment. I told her that I have tomorrow off and I will be there if she wants me to be.

Anyway, moving on…

Tomorrow, Greg and I are planning on visiting the Science Center. We don’t have much of anything else planned at the moment and so far nothing planned for Wednesday. Wednesday will probably be a relax day, or maybe if Greg’s letter arrives in the mail we can do other things. Only time will tell.


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