Change of Plans

I decided to not go to the MD Science Ctr today. Instead, Greg and I are going to have a personal day to ourselves and run our errands (if we have any) and catch up (mostly Greg needs the catching up) on the laundry and cleaning of the condo.

This morning, Michele arrived around 9am and we chatted about this and that until 9:30 which was when we left for her doctors appointment. We caught up on a lotof things; mainly boys and old PRP co-workers. After the appointment, I treated Michele to an eyebrow waxing (and I got one myself) and a trip to Starbucks for our Mocha Frapps. Back in the day, Michele and I used to get our eyes done together on a regular basis and the Mocha Frapps were our treats to each other for special occasions. We were going to have a nice lunch together at a local Friendly’s (Michele’s choice) but as we were sitting in the parking lot sipping our Mocha Frapps, neither of us were hungry so we headed back to my place and we just talked until it was time for her to go.

I didn’t ask how Michele is feeling about finding another lump in her breast; Michele hides her emotions very well. I decided she would probably have more fun talking about things unrelated to this which is why I was treating her to the things we used to do together. Michele mentioned how much she misses living down here, where all her friends and family are. Man, Michele and I were wild together. We had so much fun in 2004/2005 before she moved to Frostburg, MD. If Greg only knew… (well, he does but not the details)

So, with the weather being a little warmer, tomorrow is when Greg and I are going to go to the MD Science Ctr. Thursday is Thankgsgiving and Friday is when Greg is going to get up early and head over to Best Buy to do some shopping. My friend, Lisa, might come over on Friday morning so Greg and I can go together. I just need to find a way to get ahold of Lisa since I lost her cell number when I switched phones. D’oh!


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