Change of Plans, Again

We didn’t go to the Science Center. Instead, we went to The Maryland Zoo! The weather was too nice to spend the day inside.

The zoo was practically empty and apparently the zoo is under some renovations so all the exhibits were not open. Greg and i were slightly disappointed in our visit (especially since we paid $30 and only had half the place open), but at the same time we were able to spend more time looking at what animals were out rather than be rushed because there are hundreds of other people wanting to look at the same animal. The most action Greg and I go to see was from two cheetahs which were a little grumpy and hungry, according to the caretaker, and were growling and roaring at each other. I never realized how loud their roars were, even though it wasn’t a full roar. It was neat nonetheless. By 4pm, all the animals were in their ‘rooms’, thus ending our trip. All the pictures from the zoo can be seen here.

After the zoo, we headed over to Costco’s for one item: Frenches Fried Onions as I was making the green bean casserole for Thanksgiving. They were sold out. D’oh!! Instead, we ended up buying three presents for family members and other household items.

Then, Greg and I went on a shopping spree at Target for all things Christmas Decorations! Oh, we had so much fun and spent $290!!! Of course, we bought other items such as diapers and wipes, the ingredients for the green bean casserole, some Pyrex dishes and many other items, but about 75% of the things bought were for our Christmas Tree, which as I write is up and decorated!! Which, you can find the pictures of our tree here.

Yes, we decorated early. The reason we did so is because we were able to do so without having to keep Amelia off of the tree. Though, we are curious as to how Amelia is going to react to the tree when she comes home tomorrow.

Anyway, it’s almost midnight and I’m pooped! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I have some cooking to do in the morning…

Happy Thanksgiving!!


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