First Thanksgiving in a Nutshell

I believe this was the first Thanksgiving that my family has had that had less than 8 people! We had a lot of room at the table; it was weird. The reason the attendees were so few is because two cousins are overseas, my brother had to work, Van is sick, and another cousin went with his Mom’s side of the family, plus two uncles didn’t attend (one being out of state and the other going to his girlfriends house).

Thanksgiving was nice, nonetheless. Greg enjoyed his time with my side of the family, even though it was April and Clayton with Olivia and Danny (my cousin). Dinner was good, as usual, and my green bean casserole was a hit! Even Greg had seconds and I believe he’s fixing some left overs as I type. The ‘highlight’ of the day was when I got my Grandma to say ‘vibrator’, oh, and when I asked Grandma if she had any antiacids and she gave me a tub of Tums that expired in 2005. I ate one and it tasted like Ivory soap. Bleech!!

Tomorrow or Saturday, Greg and I are going to go see Greg’s Mom for another Thanksgiving dinner. 

Tomorrow, we’re getting up early to do the Black Friday shopping. I think. Greg wants to but I don’t know if I’m up for it, or if he’ll actually get up early enough to beat the crowds (ha!). I do know that we would like to go back to Target and go to Best Buy. My Mom, the insane person that she is, is going to Kohl’s 4am sale!


2 thoughts on “First Thanksgiving in a Nutshell

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