Happy Thanksgiving!

Yay! It’s Thanksgiving!!!

That means Christmas is literally right around the corner; there are only 32 days until Christmas!

We’re celebrating Thanksgiving at my Grandma’s in Deale, where dinner will be on the table at 3pm. Greg and I are going to leave around noon to head down. That means Greg needs to start working on the transfer of my old family tapes from VHS to DVD that my Mom asked and I need to start on the green bean casserole. Afterwards, we’re going to head over to Greg’s Mom’s place to hang out with Ken and Greg’s Mom. I don’t think she’s going to have any Thanksgiving food since she mentioned something the last time we visited about coming over on the weekend after Thanksgiving… I don’t know.

Greg and I have enjoyed our time together, a lot. I believe the last three days have been the most time we’ve spent together without Amelia and without having to go to work. It’s been just us for 72 straight hours and we didn’t have a single argument, disagreement, nothing of the sorts. Not that I was expecting anything like that, but it just shows that we truly are compatiable with each other. He gives me everything I need/want on any and all levels of our relationship and neither one of us have to compromise our feelings, desires, wants, since we feel the same way (though one of us may feel stronger than the other on some items). 

Anyway, have a great Thanksgiving!


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