Already Over?

My little vacation has come to an end.

Wow! Where did the time go?

Oh, that’s right…

Sunday (the 18th): Lunch with Grant and Startia then off to Valley View Farms

Monday (the 19th): A day in Dulles, Va

Tuesday (the 20th): Half a day with Michele and catch up on laundry and other household chores/items

Wednesday (the 21st): A trip to the zoo and our fun shopping spree at Target and setting up the Christmas Tree

Thursday (the 22nd): THANKSGIVING! A day with (my)Grandma and family

Friday (the 23rd): Black Friday Shopping and dinner with Grandma K (Greg’s Mom)

Saturday (the 24th): More laundry and a trip to Arundel Mills (bought Sean and Aaron’s Christmas gift)

and, today, Sunday (the 25th): Rest and Relax!

I went out to the grocery store, alone. It was weird. I’m so used to having a baby and/or Greg with me. The reason for the trip, other than a few lunch items, was because I am going to make a late breakfast/early lunch later (pancakes, bacon, eggs, mmm mmm good!) and tonight I am going to try a recipe I found for chicken casserole, so I needed a few ingredients.

Yesterday, Saturday, Greg and I waited around for the mailman (he didn’t show until sometime after 2:30pm) because we’re still waiting for Greg’s letter. Finally, we didn’t want to wait any longer and we decided to brave the crowds and go to Arundel Mills Mall. We had a couple of those 20% off one item coupons that have been coming in the mail for about a month now and decided to use them for a Christmas present idea for Sean and Aaron, which we did. The mall wasn’t all that bad, crowd and parking wise. I was able to find a spot, though not at the front of the line, but not too bad. Once we bought the gifts, we headed over to Auntie Anne’s pretzels. I’ve been wanting one of their pretzels for weeks! And, when Greg and I went to Marley Mall on Tuesday, the Auntie Anne’s was closed and boarded up! The place was open two weeks earlier when we had the Christmas Pictures taken – there were no signs stating they were going to close then and there was no signs stating why they closed. Anyway, I got the pretzels from Auntie Anne’s and Greg and I had a late afternoon snack in Books-a-Million. Afterwards, we looked around the bookstore and saw a few items that we wanted (a crockpot cookbook and a cruise book) and we let Amelia play in the kiddie section of the store. She did pretty well; no screaming and didn’t get into the bookshelves. I was impressed.

Amelia fell asleep on the carride home and remained asleep until we woke her up around 6:30. While she was asleep, Greg and I hung out on the couch by the fire. Greg had his arm wrapped around me and the heat from the fireplace made everything so warm and comfortable – I was ready to fall asleep! But, I faught the temptation and won.

The month of December is going to be so busy for us! There are two parties the first weekend (Jay’s on the first and the monthly RSC on the second), the following Saturday (the 8th) is my cousins wedding reception (he’s stationed in Italy and got married while over there), the following Sunday (the 16th) is Greg’s company party and then it’s Christmas! I don’t know when my company is hosting their party, yet.

Oh, and I can’t wait to start wrapping all the presents we’ve bought! Greg and I are pretty much done with our shopping needs, except for each other (I have just a few more items for Greg and then I’m done). Greg has told me that he knows what he’s going to get for me and there are three surprises (like big BIG surprises) Why does he tease me like this?! Oh well, I only have one more month to find out what they are; I so hope these next few weeks go as fast as these past few did!


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