From:Greg S. [mailto:m*******]

Sent: Friday, November 30, 2007 10:28 AM

To: Jessica D

Subject:RRRRRRR!!!!! (Excited Giddy Nervous Exclamation!)

I’m so….freaking out in a good way….something possibly got better with your gift, but it depends on something else happening on another date…..I hope it works out!!!! EEEEEEE!!!!!

That is one, of many, emails that Greg and I have exchanged; but this email is what started the flood of emails between us.

I am getting so excited about Christmas and what Greg is up to. He was telling me last night that he needs to arrange a meeting with someone and he wouldn’t tell me who or why but he said it was related to one of the gifts for me. What is he up to?!

On another note, I have made an appointment with a dentist. And. I am freaked the hell out. I’ve been scarred by the last dentist. I need to have a tooth pulled (I am in so much pain right now; me ear and jaw are killing me). The appointment isn’t until Dec 5 – I think I can hold out. I took the whole day off as I now have two appointments for this day.

Now, on to something completely unexpected: I’m late. And, I’m on the pill so how can I be late? And, if this lateness means what I think it could mean, how the hell did that happen? Isn’t the pill suppose to prevent what I think could be? I’m not freaking out, yet; I am only a day late (as we all know, IT usually arrives on the Thursday after I stop taking the active pills) so… I have told Greg and we’re both not freaking, yet. But, if it is what it could be then we will begin to freak out. I know I could take a test but I don’t know if I trust them; since last time I took three at three different times and they were all wrong. And, this ear ache isn’t helping matters. In any event, we’re going to wait it out and see what happens. In the mean time, I have asked Cousin April about it since she was on the pill when she became pregnant (but she was also taking antibiotics at the same time).

How’s that for something to read?


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