Now that it’s December…

Let the good times roll!

Tomorrow is the December edition of the Ralston Social Club! Greg is looking forward to the party, as is Brooke; I think she misses Amelia.

As I’ve mentioned before; my weekends for December are all booked! I don’t think I’ve ever had this much of a social life since high school. It’s nice, don’t get me wrong, but W.O.W!

Before we left for Jay’s, Greg and I did a little clothes shopping (Greg’s letter finally arrived). I did a little window shopping for an outfit to wear to my cousins wedding reception and Greg’s company party (which is set at semi-formal for a Dave and Busters). I didn’t really see that much at Fashion Bug, but I have a few more stores I want to check out before I plop down the dough for a new dress or whatever I decide to buy. After the window shopping (Greg didn’t buy anything either since the store didn’t have the brand he wanted in stock) we had a nice lunch at Chic-fil-a. It’s been ages since I’ve eaten there! I have to give props to the customer service; the place was packed and yet I didn’t have to wait more than 3 minutes in line to place my order. I was very impressed!

Oh, and “IT” has arrived – so no more worrying about what could have been. Though, Greg and I had a heart to heart discussion last night about what could have been. Greg’s only fear is that we wouldn’t be able to financially provide for the baby; which I believe is what everyone fears when they learn their pregnant. Although, Greg did mention that if I were in fact pregnant, the estimated due date would be around Aug or Sept and that is just after he finishes paying off his car (and that’s where the extra money would come from – his lack of a nearly $400 a month car payment). Are we heartbroken that we’re not pregnant? No. We know we’re going to try for another baby in a couple of years – who knows, we could have a honeymoon baby (after all, Amelia is a birthday baby).

Also (I know, my mind is running a mile a minute) – I changed the memory card from my PSP to the camera and realized that I had Amelia’s Third Hair Cut pictures on there! D-oh! I forgot all about those! So, they’re uploaded onto Flickr. Go have a looksie!

And another thing; Greg and I are horrible at keeping surprises from each other. Absolutley horrible. Greg told me what ONE (apparently there are two surprises) of my BIG Christmas presents is: A laptop!!  And, I get to customize the laptop, color and all (of course I am going with Ruby Red)!! Isn’t this an amazing gift?! I’ve been wanting a laptop of my own since my last one died (nearly two years ago)! The next big purchase is going to be Greg’s dream camera, a Canon EOS 40D. We’re hoping/planning on buying that with our tax return money. And, since Greg revealed one of his gifts for me, I allowed him to open one the gifts I got for him: Skullcandy headphones. When Daniel visited me in July (and gave me his PSP), Greg fell inlove with the headphones Daniel had. So, I kept that in mind and found them at FYE at Marley Mall. Paid a much better price than what is listed on Skullcandy’s website!

Well, I’ve become hunry. Afterall, it is nearly 10pm. Time to raid the frige.


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