Sunday Recap with a little This & That

Just as Greg and I predicted, the weekend flew by! Well, except for Sunday. Sunday was a little on the slow side, or at least felt so during a few moments through out the day.

Sunday started off with Amelia sleeping in until 8am (very rare) and her playing in bed with Greg and me. I snagged a few pictures of her in bed with us. It’s getting harder to take Amelia’s pictures because as soon as she sees the camera she wants it for herself, which you may have noticed if you’ve been following with the Flickr pictures (lots of blurry and hands in front of the lens). Once we were up, showered, and dressed we headed over to Costco for a few items (lunch and dinner items mainly and for a specific book that Greg wants to give his brother, Ken).  One of the items be bought was Cape Cod Chicken Salad to bring to the RSC. We wanted to try something different. After Costco’s we came home, changed, and fed Amelia then we were off to the Guitar Hero: 80’s Rock edition of the RSC!

I can see myself playing Guitar Hero a lot once Greg and I purchase our Wii (which will probably happen around tax refund time).  In the mean time, I’m tempted to ‘borrow’ the PS2 from my brother or just go out and buy a new one, just to get me some more Guitar Hero action.  The RSC has renewed my passion for console games! Speaking of the RSC, it was fun! There was a Jenga match going on, chatter around the buffet table and those who were playing Guitar Hero. Good mix of food (though I didn’t particularly care for the chicken salad we brought – it was too sweet for my taste), someone made a cheese ball that was good and Tim made a bean and sausage thing (can’t remember the name of it) which was pretty good. Greg and I didn’t stay that long (2.5 hrs); Amelia was cranky from having a small nap (maybe a half hour – the amount of time it took to get to Tim and Brooke’s place) and the fact that she couldn’t crawl all over the place like she wanted to. I believe we were home by 5:45pm.

I need to stop by Best Buy to get Greg’s Christmas present; maybe I’ll do that tonight.  I believe Greg mentioned that he was going to be a little late tonight, so this would allow me to get it without him knowing. Or, I could just wait until Wednesday. I have taken the whole day off due to the two appointments I’ve set up (one for a physical and the other with a dentist). In the mean time, for Wednesday, I think I am going to get my nails done for the upcoming wedding reception and two holiday parties and look for a dress or something to wear to the wedding reception and upcoming holiday parties!

Have I mentioned how excited I am about the laptop that Greg is getting me for Christmas? It’s going to be a little on the bigger side with a 17” screen, but that also means I’ll have a full size numeric keypad, as in a standard keyboard. Yeah, it’s something that small that can make me so happy! When Greg and I were at Costco’s yesterday, I saw the laptop my brother ordered off eBay. Sean bought an HP laptop that also has a 17” screen, so it was neat to look at the layout of the keys and whatnot. I hope Greg orders the laptop soon and will allow me to open my present early!


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