Divorce Drah-ma


I swear, sometimes I think that I’ll never marry another person in my life time. This divorce shit is ridiculous; especially for a case as simple as mine!

I received a letter from the Circuit Court stating the following:


which further states:

Pursuant to Maryland Rule 2-507, this preceeding will be “DISMISSED FOR LACK OF JURISDICTION OR PROSECUTION WITHOUT PREJUDICE”, 30 days after service of this notice unless, prior to that time, a written motion showing good cause to defer the entry of an order of dismissal is filed”

And, being that I live in Maryland, of course the following was added:

Costs will be assessed in accordance with Maryland Rules

It’s a good thing that I tend to not overreact to letters as such, and that I document everything I send out to the courts and have saved every email Adam and I have exchanged, and of course, made copies of every single form I’ve filled out and sent to the court or Adam.

So, what did I do this morning after dropping Amelia off? I called my Mom and then the court house. The Civil Department wasn’t of much help and were rather confused as the person that I spoke with stated that on 11/26/07 my affidavit was entered (and commented that it was entered way late after it was received – sometime on 11/11/07 or sometime along that week). Gee, wasn’t it 11/26 that I called the court house and spoke with a LaVonne and she confirmed that the order of default was received?! Hmmm….

Then, it was suggested that I call the Family Law department as they may have my file since Civil didn’t, and to confirm that the affidavit will override the dismissal. I spoke with a nice guy, Jim. My case is going to remain open – no dismissal.

Earlier this week Adam and I were exchanging a few emails regarding a form the court sent him proving that he sent a copy of the papers with his signature to me to fill out. Adam told me he has received it and mailed it back on Saturday, which I did inform Jim and the other person I spoke with in Civil. So, now we just wait.

It’s beginning to look like I am going to be one of those people that are going to be calling the court nearly every other day just to see what is taking place for the divorce.


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