Somehow, I Did It

Somehow, I avoided getting in a weather related car accident; somehow, I was not only one time, but early to both my appointments today and was able to be seen early as well.

Some how, I am still conscious and not in bed – where I should be at this moment.

The dentist visit wasn’t very pretty. But, more on that later…

After I wrote the post about the divorce stuff, I headed over to Arundel Mills to look at dresses at Lane Bryant. I found three that I was considering:

I really liked the red dress. I liked it the first time I saw it back on Nov 10 in Hagerstown. It has a price tag of $79.95, which really isn’t all that bad considering how much plus size clothes usually cost, but I couldn’t fathom spending that much right now; especially with Christmas right around the corner and other things. So, I ended up buying the second dress. I did like the way it gives me a nice waist (though you can’t see it in the picture) and how it isn’t too dressy but dressy enough. And, the best part was that I saved 60% and my total was $26. Can’t beat that! I did learn that the outlets don’t sell pantyhose.

It was just before noon when I was done at arundel mills, so I decided to head down to Annapolis. I didn’t know what the traffic was going to be like on 97 and with it still snowing, I was expecting to be driving in traffic. I was wrong. There wasn’t any traffic. I was at the Annapolis Mall by 12:30 and decided to have lunch at my favorite place, Big Easy, and have some yummy Bourbon Chicken!

After lunch, I headed over to the Lane Bryant and bought my $4 pantyhose. They’re expensive but they really last.

After I bought the pantyhose, I still had over an hour to kill before my appointment, and my doctors office is piratically across the parking lot from the mall. So, I decided to get my hair cut and went to the Hair Cuttery. There wasn’t a wait and I was taken right away. I do have to say, I’ve never received a hair cut from the employee’s at the Hair Cuttery that I never disliked or wasn’t satisfied with. Plus, the price beats going to some fancy salon or what ever those other places are called. The Hair Cuttery works for me because I am a low maintenance girl and not into the styling or what-have-you about my hair.

As I was leaving the Hair Cuttery, I noticed a Dell kiosk and wandered over. I was curious to see if they had the laptop that Greg ordered for me and sure enough it was on display:

I can’t wait until the laptop arrives! I can’t wait to see how it looks in Ruby Red!!

Moving on…

I decided to head over to the doctors office early. My appointment wasn’t until 1:50 and I was signed in at 1:25. But, 10 minutes later my name was called and was seen shortly after.

The appointment went well, considering the reasons I decided to go. My blood pressure was good and my sugar levels (I’ve been checking since I was confirmed pregnant) have been in the normal. So, the only maintenance medicines I am to continue are the asthma ones (Adviar and albuterol). Yay me for being relatively healthy!

After the physical it was time to head up to the dentist. I was afraid 97 was going to be hell but, again, I was wrong and I was at the dentists office early as well.

I was referred to this dentist by Lisa. This office is very punctual (until I walked in the door) and want their money before they begin the work. Fine with me. Also, this office is very modern and up to date on dental technology! Something that makes me more confortable. I’ve been to some dentist office in Glen Burnie that I considered calling the Health Dept on…

So, they did the xrays and evaluation and said they would pull the tooth out right now! That’s when my anxiety started to kick into full gear. The horror of my last dental experience  is still fresh in my memory; good thing they use laughing gas in their office! I had no problems paying the extra $45. But, it wasn’t enough to fully relax me – even more so considering the novocane shots wern’t all that effective and then to hear that they were going to have to surgically remove the tooth. I was at the dentists for 3 hours.

I didn’t go to work today. Being I work in a call center, the doctor suggested that I take the rest of the week off to recover. I haven’t decided if I’m going to go in tomorrow or not (well, I called my supervisor and she said to stay home so I guess I’m not going in tomorrow).

I took pictures. I took pictures of the cavety that where my tooth used to be (and part of the gums). I have a very curious mind; It’s not pretty. I posted two on Flickr; one a few hours after the surgery and one from this afternoon. View discretion is advised.

Here’s a picture of me, taken this morning:

I still feel as I look.

But, I haven’t wasted a day. I did do a lot of cleaning and I started the laundry until the laundry soap jug became stuck in the door. Take a look for yourself:

 I’m still not entierly sure how it happend. I just know that I can’t seem to get it out. So, laundry has been haulted until Greg comes home.

In the mean time, I started to wrap some Christmas presents and I cleaned up the kictchen. Nothing really that special. I thought about going out to the store to make a special dinner for Greg and have everything on the table for him but decided against that. One reason is because I am feeling super lazy and I don’t want to go outside and the second reason is because we have a freezer full of food and I shouldn’t be buying more.





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