Feeling Lazy

That pretty much sums up my morning.

On the bright side, my jaw, or phantom tooth, has finally stopped hurting… for the most part. My cheek and jaw are still tender to the touch (and Amelia whacked me pretty good this morning), but for the most part I feel much better than I have in the last two days. So much better, in fact, that I’m not counting down the minutes until I can take my next vicodin (not saying I’m an addict or anything). As a matter of fact, I haven’t taken one for today, yet. I am going to take one or two with me to the reception just in case.

Greg and I need to get moving. Greg needs a hair cut; I want to get my nails done; and we need to head over to Target to get a present for my Cousin.

At least we’ve showered! And Greg commented on how curly my hair is today. I replied asking if that is a good thing or a bad thing and he said ‘just different’. Which is weird because I was thinking of buying a small curling iron today to give my hair a few good curls, rather than the usual waves, but it doesn’t seem that I need to! Yay for good hair day. Let’s just see if it lasts.

And, I am starving but too afraid to eat anything. I’ve been living off applesause and yogurt for the last two days. I’ve eatin a few cookies that I made here and there, but that also includes the minutes I let them soak in milk.

Anyway, time to get moving.


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