Saturday Recap




Greg and I had a great time last night! The party was small and intimate; the drinks were cheap ($2.50!!) and the food was surprisingly good!

And, even though I was running late we made it on time!

After I posted, Greg and I watched a little TV and got engrossed in a show called Intervention, on A&E. Greg and I didn’t make it out the door until 2:45 or 3:00pm. We got Greg’s hair cut (and he is as cute as ever; loving his little Superman Curls) and Amelia was waving and saying “hi” to everyone in the store. She is such a ham! There was something I overheard Greg’s stylist say to him, but I will get to that in a minute. After Greg’s haircut, we headed over to Target to get a wedding present for Thomas and Joy as well as a few other things. We ended up buying more than we intended – though these are things that we need. Greg couldn’t find his dress shoes, so we bought some new ones, we bought more food for Amelia, wrapping paper and gift bags for Pat’s presents, a box of Christmas Cards since Greg and I have become lazy at making our own (plus we don’t have a printer) and Scrap-booking items to make the photo book for Greg’s grandparents. We realized we’ve taken too long to do it on-line and now it’s probably too late to place the order now and make sure it will arrive by Christmas.

After Target, we came home and I went back out to get my nails done; which took a little longer than I expected. It was nearly 6 by the time I got back home; which Lisa and Sean where there! So, Greg and I got dressed and ready in a matter of minutes and around 6:40 we left.

Amelia did well with Lisa. They played and had a good time, according to Lisa. And, this was the first time Greg and I left Amelia with someone that wasn’t family. It was a little weird; and I was afraid Amelia was going to be a little terror but the night went well. So, Lisa will be back next week for Greg’s holiday company party. As payment to Lisa, Greg and I are going to take her out to dinner later in the month for crabs (Greg’s going to have ribs) at a local seafood place (a place that Lisa and I went to in Sept 05) down the street.

Now, back to the haircut place – Amelia gets a lot of attention when we go out. You have to agree, she’s cute as a button! But, yesterday the stylist that was working with Greg asked him: “Is she yours?” and that struck me as an inappropriate question to ask. Why would someone ask that? Wouldn’t you assume that when a couple walks together with a baby that they are together and the child is theirs? When Greg’s haircut was over and we were walking back to the car, I asked him about the question and he said it didn’t bother him. How would you feel if someone asked your significant other if the baby you were carrying was his/hers?

2 thoughts on “Saturday Recap

  1. I agree with you – that is an inappropriate/weird question to ask. Especially since you all walked in together – why would she think otherwise?


  2. I agree with you – that is an inappropriate/weird question to ask. Especially since you all walked in together – why would she think otherwise?


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