What a Day!

Oy! Was it ever busy today. It took me nearly the entire working day to catch up on the 60+ business related emails all the while doing actual work. On the plus side, it’s looking like my December commissions is going to look good.

Ok, so here’s a recap for Sunday:

Lazy at its best! Though, I did finally start working on the photobook from Greg’s grandparents. Here’s page one:

I know, not that exotic or detailed but not too bad for my first attempt. Since I’ve begun, I’ve already started picturing other things I’d like to do. And, Greg told me last night that he’d like to make a page or two! I didn’t think Greg would be into this; but it seems that I was wrong. I was thinking he should make a ‘Daddy and Me’ page since there are so many pictures of him and Amelia. Also, it looks like we might be making a trip to AC Moore soon for more scrap booking supplies!

Also, I’ve begun working on our Christmas Cards. Some how, I was able to write about 20 of them out throughout the work day. I only have a few left of my friends and family and now I’m waiting for Greg to send me his family addresses list. We’ll see if that happens tomorrow.

Ok, I’m too distracted to finish writing; Journeyman is on. So, I’m going to head out and let Greg play his games.





























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