They Know

Greg’s extended family now knows about Amelia and me. Greg finally spoke to his Grandparents in Alabama this evening. He told them a secret (that I’m not suppose to know but I think I’ve guessed it) and about Amelia – they are eagerly awaiting to photobook that we’re working on. I was able to get their address and tomorrow our Christmas cards are going out (at least the ones I’ve completed). Greg was also able to talk to his Dad tonight and they talked about the secret and about Greg telling his grandparents (Greg’s Dad’s parents).

So, I am sure the news about Greg, Amelia, and Me is spreading like wildfire throughout that side of the family.

Now, we have to plan a trip to Alabama and soon.


3 thoughts on “They Know

  1. I don’t know if you wrote about this before, but how come Greg’s extended family didn’t know about you and Amelia?

  2. Greg was afraid to tell his grandparents. The news of Amelia didn’t take well with his Mom; she and his grandparents are very traditional with their beliefs and such.

    My cousin April and I were both afraid to tell our grandma that we were pregnant last year. It probably has to do with the fact that neither of us are married to our babies daddy and such (knowing how grandma’s can be).

    Thankfully, Greg’s grandparents took the news well. My grandma was a little shocked and then warmed up to the idea of being a great-grandma twice in 2007.

  3. Yeah, I would definitely be afraid to tell my parents/grandparents/other family if I ended up pregnant. But that is usually a hard thing to hide, so I guess I’d just have to bite the bullet and get it over with.

    But I think for the most part, people get over it and eventually get excited about the new baby.

    I bet Greg is relieved to finally get that off of his chest.

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