Only 10 days until Christmas Eve!!!  Christmas Eve, by far, is my favorite day of the Christmas Season! I still get all excited and giddy as I used to when I was in elementary school. Even now, just thinking about it gives me that excited butterfly feeling in my belly.

And this time next year, Amelia will be getting just excited as I do about Christmas! I still can’t believe there is less than a month left until Amelia’s First Birthday! This year, 2007, has been a full roller coaster! I don’t think I’ve ever had a year as busy as this year. I am working on an accumulative post about all the exciting, and not so exciting, events of 2007 – kind of like the ‘best and worst of’ thing. And, when my new laptop arrives, I’ll be able to work on it from any location!

Speaking of the laptop, at last check (on Dell’s website) it’s scheduled to be shipped on the 18th (4 long days from today) and should arrive on the 21st(a whole week from today). I can’t wait to see it and play with it. I have so many plans and things I want to learn (especially Photoshop Elements) and do with this laptop. Plus, when Greg and I go on vacation this summer (we’re still talking about going to Seattle , WA ), we’ll be able to upload the pictures off the cameras each day rather than buying a couple hundred dollars of memory cards, plus Greg will, finally, be able to update his travel blog.

Last night, Greg and I went to a local Chinese Buffet. Greg had a bad day at work and I wanted to take him out (but not break the bank), and he likes this place so why not. Dinner was nice. We gave Amelia a few new things to try: Cantaloupe, chocolate pudding, hard boiled eggs; along with other things we know she likes (French fries and pickles). Amelia did pretty well! It’s so cool to be able to give ‘normal’ foods to her and see her try them out. I can’t wait, again, until she’s old enough to really start eating ‘normal’ foods; 2008 should be another exciting year!

Work has been rather relaxing today. It hasn’t been busy and lunch is being provided by the boss (yummy pizza)! Have I mentioned how much work treats their employees to lunch; it’s usually twice a month, at least.

Greg sent me an email this morning with the local news stations weather predictions for this weekend; if you live in Maryland then you understand the humor in it. And, with the weather being unknown at this time, we don’t know what the plan is for Greg’s company holiday party. I, personally, hope that what the weather people are saying is going to be completely wrong and in my favor. I have been waiting for over two years to attend one of Greg’s company holiday parties, especially this years party at a Dave and Busters. Plus, a whole bunch of us are renting a limo! I’ve never been in a limo and I don’t want the possibility of a snow storm to ruin this; either we’re going to get severe weather or we’re not – make up your mind, Weather People!

So, there really isn’t much to write about. I have a lot of little things on my mind (such as wedding things) but just not in the mood to write about them at the moment (as I need to get the pictures of the things Greg and I are talking about).

My ‘phantom tooth’ is feeling a little better. It’s been hurting since the packing came out last night, but the Aleve has taken care of the pain. I’m trying to stay away from the narcotics; I don’t want to become dependant on them (not that I feel the need to take them or anything); I’d rather take something else. Addiction tendencies run rampet in my family.

Well, I am done for now. Catch ya later.


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