Lazy Saturday

Amelia in Daddy's hat

 The picture above is my favorite picture taken today. Amelia loves Greg’s Seattle Seahawks hat. At times, she will sit on the floor sucking her thumb and holding onto his hat. Amelia is so attached to Greg; it’s so adorable.

Greg and I were so lazy in the beginning of the day. We didn’t get dressed until 2pm! Once we were out and about, I went to three different pawn places to try and sell my old ring. One placed offered $25 while another offered $125. I didn’t sell it. Greg thinks I can get more from an actual jewelry dealer than a pawn shop.

Once we were done with the pawn shops, we drove all the way over to Columbia to get Greg’s dress pants from the dry cleaners and then we headed over to Marley Mall to do a little shoe shopping and to see if Amelia can see Santa. Well, we got the shoes for me but no Santa for Amelia. The prices for the pictures were more than we wanted. What happened to the days when you got a Polaroid picture for like $7? The minimum for the picture was $25; the wait in line wasn’t worth it. Instead, we played around the set up. Amelia loves to crawl all over objects now a days.

So, it looks like my wish for the weather has come true and our plans for the Company Holiday Party is still on and Greg paid for the limo earlier this afternoon. I am so freaking excited! We’re going to be riding in this limo, a 2007 Pearl White Cadillac Escalade. The plan is to meet everyone at Greg’s office around 4:30-4:45pm load up and head out. Have I mentioned how excited I am about tomorrow night??!!

After the mall, we came home and watched a little A&E, fed Amelia, bathed Amelia, and she was out by 7:30! Earliest she’s gone to bed all week! Once Amelia was in bed, Greg and I started cleaning up the condo and worked on the laundry.

Right now, as I type, the dryer just buzzed and Greg just finished folding Amelia’s clothes while watching Godfather II (I’ve never seen any of the Godfather movies but Greg states this is the best one). Earlier this week, I watched a movie titled .45. I don’t know what to say about the movie, yet I couldn’t stop watching it. In a sense, it reminded me a little about that Jennifer Lopez movie, Enough, about a girl and her revenge. I don’t know if I would recommend .45 to anyone. On the plus side, it had Angus Macfadyen (the guy that played Robert the Bruce in Braveheart) as one of the main characters and he was hot (in my opinion) and on occasion his Scottish accent would come out and I would begin to melt under the covers.

Moving on…

Last week, as I was recovering from the trip to the dentist, I was looking at Davids Bridal website and found something that I think would make an awesome party/wedding favor: 

Fall Photo Album 

Fall themed photo albums! I showed them to Greg and he liked them! There are other items that I liked and marked as a favorite so I can remember them. I just hope that when Greg and I are finally ready to start planning our wedding the items will still be available!

 Oh! And something more exciting! The laptop is in PA at last stalking to DHL’s website and is scheduled to be delivered on Monday!!!  I get to play with my Christmas gift early. I can’t wait!!


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