Thank Goodness!

The company I work for has given all their employees a paid half day so we can catch-up on any holiday errands. I am so thinkful that my half day is today and that I am able to lay in bed, watch Fresh Prince of Bel Air while the washer and dryer are running and upload the videos from the limo ride onto YouTube so I can finally complete the post about the Holiday Party this past Sunday.

Also, while I am working on all of the above, I am going to try and make a few DVD’s with this amazing laptop of mine for Christmas presents. I just hope my plan works.

Another reason that I am so thankful today is because my cold, or whatever I seem to have, is getting a little better. Not a whole lot, but enough for me to notice a slight difference. I still have the stuffy nose and sore throat (as well as a voice that is about an octive deeper than normal) but my over all well being is better.

Oh, and ANOTHER reason I am thankful today is because my follow-up visit with the dentist this afternoon was great! The healing is going along fine and it looks like everything is great. I scheduled an appointment for a cleaning in Januay and then I am going to schedule an appointment for a few fillings after that. I can only deal with one dental thing at a time after what I just went through.

Also, ANOTHER thing that I am thankful today is my divorce update!!! I called the court house this morning to check on the status of my order of default and the judge granted it on 12.17.07!!! Now, I just wait for the letter with the Master of Something-or-other, shedule a hearing and then I’m pretty much done! Adam will have 15 days to respond (Accept or Decline) what the hearing declares (divorce final or needs more ‘work’) and if he doesn’t repond then I am granted the divorce! Isn’t that great!! Just when I thought this was never going to end…

So, today, dispite the cold I have, has been a pretty good day.


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