Saturday Night

Greg and I really had no motivation to get going this morning. But, eventually we did get moving and just as we were about to head out to run a few errands before we head down to Nanjemoy, Amelia decides to take a nap. So, Greg loads up the car and goes out to run the errands and I stay with Amelia and finish up the packing and start on some cleaning.

Oh. I forgot to mention that Greg and I stayed up until 1am working on the photo book for his grandparents. We didn’t mail it, yet and we meant to bring it down with us to my Mom’s but we forgot. I plan on taking pictures of it when we get home.

The drive down was uneventful. There was a little traffic on 301 but not a lot, surprisingly. We stopped at Target in La Plata, MD and bought some last minute things as well as some items that my Mom needed for our Christmas dinner. We spent over $100 at Target! But, we also bought baby things that Amelia will need in the next few days (diapers, etc). So, the means were justified.

We made it to my Mom’s around5-5:30pm. When Mom saw how much stuff Greg and I stuffed into the truck she asked “What, are you guys moving in?” (which she would love for us to do), Greg and I just laughed. Once the car was unloaded, we sat around and chatted. Van and Greg talked about history things, Amelia crawled all over us and the dogs and Mom and I chatted in the kitchen or chased Amelia around. Oh, and as soon as we came into the house and Amelia saw Max and Scooter she said, loud and clear, “Dog!” Mom was so surprised (as was I since we don’t say dog at home)! She was like “Van! Van! Mealie just said the word DOG!!” and all excited and stuff. It was cute.

After a while Mom asked Greg and me if Amelia could open one of her gifts and we said yes, so I took a few pictures and a video of Amelia opening her first Christmas gift. Amelia did pretty good with the tearing of the paper. I can’t wait until tomorrow when we can all open the presents and she can imitate us.

About and hour later Amelia was asleep, probably around 7:30pm. So, Greg had a few presents to wrap that were for me and Mom and I decided to take a walk in the woods at night. I brought my camera just for fun. Some pictures turned out neat and others were blurry. I can’t wait until Greg gets his Canon 40-D (goal is for Feb or March). The pictures that we’re going to take are going to look so amazing!

Anyway, around 8pm Mom and I decide to take a walk down to the water; Mom wanted to see if we could see the spider eyes in the halogen again (a few months ago, Mom was walking in the woods at night and saw the ground was sparkely and she thought there was glass all over the place, until she bent down and saw that it was spiders looking up at her and there were hundres of them all over the place – she couldn’t decided if she was freaked out or curious), so I decided to check it out my self. We didn’t really see many, but seeing more than one was enough to give me the creeps. So, we vengured on and I was taking pictures here and there. Night time shots are a little challeging (for the camera); if the camera has nothing to focus on then it’s a 50/50 on how the pictures will turn out – most of mine came out a little blurry, but not too bad. Mom and I walked in the woods for about 45 minutes.

When we returned, Mom went to bed, I finished wrapping up the presents and then Greg and I watched a little TV (well, he watched as I wrote this). And before we knew it, it was 11pm and we were both exhausted.

Saturday just felt weird to us; like the time was dragging or something.


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