Spreading Like Wildfire!

Word is traveling fast about my engagement to Greg. I’ve received a ton of emails, Myspace Comments, and text messages from all my friends and family!! Everyone is so freaking happy!

One of my best-est friends, Daniel, sent me the following text last night (it’s in three photos to show the whole text message):


Oh, Daniel is so funny! And, he’s been saying since Greg and I met that he (Greg) is the one for me. I didn’t listen to him because Greg and I were up front with what we were looking for when we met (just friends, no relationship)… and, well… the rest is history!!

Michele and I were text messaging last night I told her to get ready to be a bridesmaid! I already know who is going to be my maid of honor (cousin April) and my two bridesmaids, Kara and Michele. Greg is going to have his two brothers and my brother in his party. And, of course Amelia and Olivia are going to be our flower girls!!

And, this afternoon, my girlfriend Kara called and we chatted for like 45 minutes on the phone catching up and talking like school girls about my engagement and wedding plans (what little Greg and I have talked thus far). I told her the time frame and our ideas (huge bonfire) and she was getting ideas and everything. Oh, I’ve missed Kara so much (and she misses me too). We were talking about or divorces and her ex is being worse than mine (Kara and I were married on the same day, just three years apart) and she filed for divorce about a year after Adam and me.

This is so exciting; thinking about the wedding Greg and I are going to plan; the excitment of getting so much attention from everyone (even strangers when they see the ring sparkeling in the light), and just everything!!

I am so freaking happy right now; happier than I’ve ever imagined feeling.


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