Whirlwind Holiday!!

I am at a loss – where do I start?!

These past five days have been such a roller coaster; with Greg seeing his ex at Target on Friday (he’s lucky I wasn’t there or I would have confronted her about a few things), to a whirlwind weekend of Christmas surprises, my engagement, spending the day (today) with Greg’s mom and brother, Ken, and to end the Holidays with a drive through the Symphony of Lights.

So much has gone on over the last five days, I can’t pin point where to start! Also, I can’t believe I’ve taken close to 500 pictures over the past five days!

I am still working on the details of Sunday, I’ve already written about Monday (I made a special Christmas Eve dinner), so I am going to write about my First Christmas with Greg and Amelia (My Family).

Greg and I stayed up too late last night. I went to bed around midnight and he says he went to bed around 1am. When I went to bed, Greg was still playing The Orange Box: Half-Life 2 (something we bought on Black Friday), which is a good game (from what I’ve watched). Sometime between 12 and 1, Greg wrapped up two more presents and filled a Christmas Stocking for me and placed it on my nightstand (isn’t Greg the sweetest?!)

Amelia was up bright and early (guess I should be used to it by now) at 7am. Greg brought her into bed with us and we all fell back asleep. Around 8am, we were all waking up again (mainly Amelia), so we laid in bed goofing around. Eventually, I woke completely up and dumped my Christmas Stocking contents onto the bed.  Amelia had a good time going through everything! Inside, there were lots of chocolates and two wrapped gifts. The gifts were a pair of earrings (not real diamonds, but they will be replaced soon – my birthday is only 5.5 weeks away) and a new Nintendo DS game: Flash Focus (these were the last minute gift ideas Greg bought while at Target on Friday)! Amelia was being so freaking adorable in bed this morning; she would take one of the chocolates from the stocking, still in the wrapper, place it in my mouth as if she were feeding me and then take it out of my mouth with her mouth! Greg tried to get a video clip of her doing this but for some reason it didn’t work. There are a few pictures though:

Amelia feeding me Chocolate

Amelia getting ready to feed me


Amelia is such a ham, as well as absolutely adorable!

Eventually, we made it out to the living room and opened up the presents from Greg’s Dad and step-mom. Greg received a desk calendar and Amelia received an Elmo outfit, which she wore today.

Greg and I were so freaking lazy today. Plus, the day felt weird because, in a sense, we celebrated Christmas this past weekend with my family. In any event, around 10:30, we all fell asleep and took a pretty good nap! It wasn’t until noon that we all got up to get ready. Pretty lazy, huh.

It wasn’t until 1:45 that we head out to Greg’s Moms. The drive was nice, the weather was really nice and we got to play with Greg’s XM Radio (which was my big gift for Greg; and what I am listening to as I type and upload videos). I took a few pictures of the receiver:

XM Radio
XM Radio

As I mentioned, the drive was great. Look at this picture taken on Rt 40:

Rt 40 W

Clear blue skies, very little traffic – the drive was great!

Once we made it to Grandma K’s house, we unloaded the presents and placed them under the tree and then hung out and chatted. Greg and I also brought our left over ham and green bean casserole to share.

We spent a good three hours at Grandma K’s. I had a good time too! I took a few pictures of Amelia and Grandma K playing around the Christmas tree:

This one is my favorite and I’m thinking of printing it and giving it to Greg’s mom.

We learned that Amelia L.O.V.E.S. banana nut bread. And, it’s a funny story of how we learned this; towards the end of the visit, Greg’s mom offers us some banana nut bread that she made and gives a slice, on a plate, to Greg and me. When I took my slice, Amelia practically attacks the cake and literally shoves it in her mouth! You’d think she hadn’t of eatin in three days they way she jumped onto that piece, when in fact she had just finished a 10oz bottle! We were laughing so much at Amelia and her instant need of banana nut bread! I wish we had taken a video clip of it or something, but we were laughing too much. And, I didn’t get the chance to try a single crumb of cake!

Once the bread was all gone, we watched a home movie (sorta) of Greg’s middle school band performace (he played the trumpet) and an old Christmas Claymation from back in the 80’s. It was cute.

Afterwards, we headed out to see the Symphony of Lights in Columbia and then came home.

It’s been an exciting five days, to say the least, and I am ready for 2008!


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