What A Weird Week

Something about this week has thrown me off. I worked three and a half days yet it feels like I worked 10 days straight.

I’m just hoping this doesn’t repeat next week.

Otherwise, there really isn’t all the much to write about. Work was way too busy to even think about anything other than stupid people from Michigan (no offense to Greg’s family out there). It’s a known fact at my office that customers from DTE are the most ‘intelectually challenged’ people out there. And, lucky me, I got stuck assisting the phone lines for that territory.

So, this is the final weekend of 2007. I have nothing planned. Nothing at all. It has been discussed with a few friends (just two; that don’t know each other) to get together, on an individual bases. Kim, an old co-worker from The Cult hasn’t met Amelia yet and we’ve been trying to get together for a while. Hopefully, we’ll be able to see each other. Lisa, my current co-worker, wants to know if Greg and I are going to Costco this weekend so she can get a few items, I told her that I would call her if we were. Although, with all honesty, at this very moment, being with other people just isn’t what I am in the mood for. I honestly couldn’t wait for this day to be over so I can be away from everyone (excluding Greg and Amelia); I just don’t want to deal with anyone.

I am extremly happy that this is a four day weekend for me. I just wish I could sleep as long as I want/need. Greg and I have been going to bed past midnight all week – very bad of us!

My progress with Photoshop Elements and Nero Ultra Edition (my gift from Pat) are going… somewhere… Nero is fun! Just too involved for my attention span (that or I shouldn’t log into messenger as I am chatting, usually, with someone when I start a project).

I spoke to my Mom on the way to get Amelia after work and I told her about the idea of hosting the wedding and reception at Ripkin Stadium. Her first question was “Where is that?” and when I told her it is in Aberdeen, her response was “All the way up there?!” and I told her that it’s not the much farther than her place. Then Mom suggested that I do what Adam and I did (Justice of the Peace and reception at home) or host the reception at a nice resturaunt or something, then she suggested Olde Country Buffet. I told her she wasn’t being funny.

But, other than that – there really isn’t much to write about tonight.

With that being said, GOOD NIGHT!!!


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