Final Day of 2007

I’ve had one of the best days today!

The day started with Amelia being as cute as ever while feeding her. She;s begun to try and feed herself and I captured some of her adventure this morning:

While uploading to Vimeo and YouTube, Mom called to let me know she was in Upper Marlboro so I started to get Amelia and myself ready. Within a half hour, Mom was here. Mom brought her new camera and I was playing around with it while she called Sean (mt brother) to see if he was coming and he said he was on his way over.

By 9:30am, we were on our way to the bank and then to the lawyers office!

I was so excited.

We got to the lawyers office without any issues (as I didn’t know exactly where they were located), go in, fill out the paper work, get called into the conference room and within 10 minutes we were done! It was that quick (and Adam can’t request alimony (as some people in my family thought he would) after today). I should be receiving my divorce decree in a couple short weeks!

After the hearing, we came back home and printed a few pictures for Mom and decided where to eat for lunch and as a celebration. Well, since Greg wanted me to stop by his office to show off Amelia I suggested Houlihan’s, the restaurant that Greg and I fell in love with back in October and I knew Mom and Sean would love it too. Of course, they did. Lunch was great with just the four of us (Mom, Sean, Amelia, and me). At the end, Sean and I decided to try a few drinks, so I ordered the mini martini drink (any three martini’s of my choice) and Sean ordered the biggest Raspberry Long Island Iced Tea – seriously, the largest glass (as in tall and round) I’ve seen. One sip of Sean’s drink nearly knocked me out of the chair but it was damn good. My three mini martini’s were interesting but not great (I tried the Key Lime Pie, Chocolate, and Blue something or other), though they did have a slightaffect on me. Also, before we left Sean ordered some of the restaurants Tai Chile wings for Greg (isn’t my brother awesome!)

But, before we had lunch at Houlihan’s we stopped by Greg’s office because Mom and Sean wanted to inquire about enlarging a few of the pictures they printed at my place. Well, Mom and Sean ended up getting a full blown tour of  where Greg works (mainly graphic design and the reprographic departments) – Sean was fascinated by the enormous printers. Mom and Sean ordered a print job and they got an employee discount for their order (“C” was being nice).

There are pictures but my brother has the camera. As soon as I get the camera (or CD) from him I will post the pictures (of course).

It was about 2:30 when we left Houlihan’s. We were there for nearly two hours! We went separate ways after lunch; Mom and Sean went back to Sean’s place and I went back to Greg’s office to give him the wings and then headed over to Arundel Mills to meet up with Michele.

Michele and I chatted for a good hour and a half this afternoon. We were talking about her ‘boys’ and about my wedding, and about her kids (ages 17 and 14) and so many other things. It was great to catch up with her one to one (well, one and a half to one as Amelia was with me). While at Arundel Mills, we went over to Wal-mart and I got a few items that Greg and I weren’t able to find at Target (Christmas Tree storage bag and Holiday ornaments-storage-box-thingy) and other small items (my diet mountain dew for instance).

And through this adventurous day, Greg had to work. Even though he went to work uber early (7:30am when his shift doesn’t start until 9:30) he wasn’t able to leave at 4 as he was hoping. Poor Greg. But, at least I was able to visit him a few time throughout the day.

As for the rest of the day, it was uneventful. I was home a little after 5pm and Greg was home by 5:30. Amelia was very cranky towards the evening as she didn’t get to take a nice long nap today. Greg fed her and bathed her and she was asleep by 7pm – as was Greg.

Greg is still asleep as I type (8:13 at this exact moment). I’m debating if I should wake him up or not. I probably will since I know how he is when he falls asleep too early (he’ll wake up around 1am and stay up until 7am and that will mess up his sleep schedule). As for tonight, we don’t have any plans. I’d rather stay at home than be out. I was never mich of a New Year’s party girl – too crowded and those in the crowd are always stupid drunks. Not my type of crowd.

Ok, here’s a question for all those brave enough to answer (including the lurkers out there): My brother and I debated over a bit of terminology this afternoon – here’s the scenario:  Amelia’s birthday is on Saturday, January 12. To me, I tell those that it’s next Saturday; whereas the Saturday that’s approaching, January 5th, I refer to as this Saturday (because it’s the Saturday to come). My brother, on the other hand, uses next  in reference to the 5th (his reasoning is because it’s the next Saturday) and states the 12th as the following Saturday. I know my terminology isn’t as those of around me (I use off load, rather than upload, when I am going to take the pictures off – as in load them off – the camera), but in my world it makes sense. So, the question is – which do you use (next and this vs. next and following) or which do you think is the correct form of use?

Oh, and one other thing – while talking about grammar and such, I have one pet peeve about spellings and proper word use that I’d like to voice:

It annoys me to no end when people spell ‘weird’ as wierd. Seriously, that really irks me. Also, when people use the incorrect word, for example: “head over heals” when it should state “head over heels” or “I walked in the sand with my bear feet” instead of “I walked in the sand with my bare feet”. And then of course there’s the improper use of “than” and “then” or “your” and “you’re”.

Hey, I’m no grammar or spelling queen and I’m sure there are a few non-grammatically correct paragraphs within my blog – but it’s the things that should be common sense in writing that stand out to me.


2 thoughts on “Final Day of 2007

  1. When people spell it “wierd”, it looks really weird to me.

    I’m with you on the whole date thing. On today’s date (1/1) I would refer to the 5th as THIS saturday. Because it is still part of THIS week. Next Saturday is the 12th.

  2. When people spell it “wierd”, it looks really weird to me.

    I’m with you on the whole date thing. On today’s date (1/1) I would refer to the 5th as THIS saturday. Because it is still part of THIS week. Next Saturday is the 12th.

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