Yeah … No (and more)



It didn’t happen.

Greg and I were just as lazy today as we were yesterday. Although, we did go out. We did an uneventful trip to Costco and placed the birthday cake order for Amelia’s First Birthday and picked up some odds and ends (like tin foil) and then went over to Target (no run in with his ex) and bought a lot of Christmas stuff for next year at 75% off (Christmas wrap, cards, etc), as well as some new pajama’s and sippy cups for Amelia.

We did do a little more laundry today and I kinda sorta cleaned up – some.

Update: Greg and I cleaned the condo. It’s 10:53 as I type.

Moving on…

While cleaning, I came across an old ‘jump drive’ and downloaded the pictures and files from it. There were pictures going back to 2001 (of Kara) and up to 2005 (last PRP Christmas Party):

PRP Party December 2005

and here I am in 2003

Charlie and Jess Christmas 2003

And, here I am for Christmas 2007:

Greg and Jess MBC Christmas Party 2007

a lot of changes between those years! The 2003 photo (the middle one) was a few months after I married Adam (that’s my wedding dress that I am wearing) and the 2005 picture (the top one) is about 6 months after Adam moved out (and Greg and I were friends at the time but he didn’t want to be my ‘date’ so Michele and I went together. Two days after the picture was taken my aunt passed away. I remember my brother and Aaron coming to the party and my brother was so upset and crying about my aunt). Then, there is the final picture of Greg and me taken this year, 2007, for his company holiday party.

And, here’s a picture of Adam (in case any of ya’ll were wondering what he looked like):

Adam circa 2003

that was my favorite picture of him. He’s changed some over the years (less hair on the head), but not much (though I haven’t seen him in nearly a year and a half).

So, that was a small trip down memory lane. Well, sorta. I don’t feel any nostalgia with the pictures (other than remembering my aunt dying from cancer); the pictures (the ones from yester year) don’t really hold any emotional reaction for me.

meh. don’t have enough mental energy to finish the thoughts. It’s 12:04am and I am heading off to bed.


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