Party Time!


I became too lazy with eVite’s and pretty much everyone knows about the party already, I decided to make a little something with photoshop elements and to test the new printer.

Honestly, I’m rather pleased with the end product. It could be better, but it’s not that bad (in my opinion); especially since this is really my first go around with creating something as such.

I am going to be mailing only a few – mostly to the parents and grandparents (as all but my Mom live out of state) so they have this as a keepsake (Greg and I aren’t really expecting any out of state guests).

Today, once Greg and I stop being lazy, is going to be full of shopping and cleaning for the party next Saturday. We’re taking advantge of Amelia’s napping at the moment to do less needed things (such as me working on the invitations and blogging). Tomorrow we’re going to see Tim and Brooke for the monthly Ralston Social Club! So our weekend is pretty full.

We need to go to the post office but I believe they’ve already closed (as it’s 12:04pm as I type); we need to mail Pat’s Christmas presents and the pictures that were printed at Greg’s office earlier this week to my Mom’s. Ugh, we’re so lazy!!

Well, guess I should get dressed…


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