Not in the Mood

I have been in a funk of a mood today (weekend).

Nothing made me ‘happy’ or ‘feel good’ (and I’m not even on my off week).

Greg and I went grocery shopping and I didn’t ‘feel’ anything to want to get items for the upcoming week much less for Amelia’s first birthday. We did order a few trays from Super Fresh, although I’m feeling that I should call them tomorrow morning to make sure the order was received and understood as the guy that assisted (and I use that word lightly) didn’t seem ‘with it’. Later in the week I am going to have to do more shopping for odds and ends like plates, cups, sodas, chips, etc.

Maybe it’s the conclusion of my first year with Amelia that’s making me feel ‘off’, though I haven’t really thought about that. I haven’t really been thinking about any one thing in particular this weekend (other than Photoshop and my growing annoyance for it). My energy has been low and I have been real lazy. At least I haven’t been doing any unnecessary eating (as I usually eat when I am bored).

I just don’t feel motivated. Not even to finish my 2007 Review entry.

I couldn’t wait for this day to end yet I don’t want the weekend to be over.

We didn’t go visit Tim and Brooke today; Amelia was incredibly cranky and Greg wasn’t feeling so well.

This weekend Greg and I were suppose to clean up the condo and we didn’t do a lick of cleaning. Not a thing (other than some laundry and running the dishwasher a few times).

I did some wedding research online; mainly looking at venues for the reception/ceremony. Greg wants to hold off a little longer before we really start planning and organizing our wedding. Which is fine even though I want to pick our spot first (in case there is long waiting list). Also, I’ve started to request packets of information (and I’ve been filling out my maiden name which is a little weird). I can’t wait until they start coming in.

I hope everyone else had a good weekend!

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