As I’ve mentioned, I have been trying to figure out a specific ‘thing’ to do in Photoshop. That specific ‘thing’ was to convert a picture to black and white then highlight specific areas of the picture to remain in color.

You know, it would be the most simplist, right in front of my face, thing that I wasn’t doing right and damn it if wasn’t!

So, here is what I did:


Scout V1.1

I croped the picture, removed the date, and highlighted the eyes and hat. Not that big of a deal, right? Ugh, the hours (maybe 2) I spent searching for step by step instructions (the manual is no help what-so-ever) and I found help on PhotoshopCafe. I laughed at myself for being so oblivious to the obvious!

But, it’s done and I know how to do it now and moving on!!! As well as other neat features (removing blemishes and/or objects from the picture). So, it wasn’t a complete waste of all the research I did!

 What do ya’ll think?


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