Mood, Mood – Go Away

Not feeling any better. Mood-wise.

 Even Greg has noticed and he’s asked if he did something wrong. Of course he hasn’t. So, tonight we sat on the couch and watched some cable and he rubbed my feet for about an hour. It relaxed me but didn’t change my mood.

Just not in the mood to chat with anyone or really do anything. I’m even forcing myself to write on here; otherwise there wouldn’t have been anything since the relationship post (which I never finished writing but posted anyway).

it’s like I feel bored yet annoyed. Topped off with near extreme tiredness. I actually fell asleep at work for about 5 minutes this morning (11am ish)!

It’s about 10:20 and this will be the earliest I’ve gone to bed in about three weeks (maybe all the staying up late is catching up to me…???).

Eh, I just want to be back to my normal self!


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