I am so obsessed with this song(Apologize, if the link doesn’t work) from OneRepublic!!

There is also a remix version of the song done by Tony Arzadon that is pretty good.

The remix version of the song was stuck in my head all.day.long. No kidding. It played on the XM Radio this morning and I couldn’t get it out of my head. During my lunch hour I sat in my car to listen to the radio (and take a little nap) in hopes that the song would evade my mind. It didn’t. So after Amelia was in bed I went online and found both versions and downloaded them and added the remixed version onto my MySpace page.

Obsessed? Ha! Beyond obsessed!! And, I do this when I fall inlove with a song. I will play it over and over for a good two weeks. Greg is the same way; fortunately, he likes the song (although no where near my level) and so far he doesn’t mind hearing it so often (I’ve already played it four times since I began this post).

Any of ya’ll get like this about a song?


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