My mood is still… blah. This fatigue is really getting to me. I feel like I don’t get enough sleep and no matter how early I go to bed, I can’t fall asleep at a decent hour (last night, in bed by 10:15pm, didn’t fall asleep for at least another two hours!).

I am really making myself write. I have no real urge or desire to write. Although, I have things to write about but don’t feel like it. My Mom thinks I am showing signs of depression (as it runs in the family) but I don’t feel as so. After all the studies I pre-screened for and aided in research, I know the signs of depression and I don’t show the significant sign (meaning this isn’t something to be concerned about); if anything I am going to saftely assume that this is due to the season and the fact that I haven’t been going to bed when my body has been telling me to do so. But, if things don’t improve I will seek professional help (after all, I was put on Zoloft this time last year to ‘prepare’ me for postpartum depression – and I don’t know if it helped. My Mom seems to feel it did but I didn’t notice any change in my behavior).

While rummaging through thousands of message boards (wedding stuff, honeymoon, vacations, airfare, attractions, etc) I came across this really neat website that I have pretty much fallen in luv with and know I will be using as Greg and I plan our trips this year and honeymoon next year. The website is: Airfare Watchdog. I requested their cards to include in our save the date notices so our out of state guests can check the site out and hopefully find a good price on airfare! I found roundtrip tickets to Atlanta, GA for $98 each!!! So, with this recent discovery I am not going to stress about the cost of airfare so much, like I was before (as soon as I find the post about the prices I will link to it).  In any event, we’re thinking early May for our trip.

Greg has informed me (as I’ve mentioned before, he can’t keep surprises from me) that earlier this week he placed an order for my birthday/anniversary gift. Surprisingly, I haven’t pestered him about the gift. What I have pestered him about is what he has planned for celebrating my 29th birthday and our first anniversary. So far, he’s combining the anniversary and Valentine’s Day dinner together (keep in mind, my birthday is on Feb 2, our anniversary is on Feb 8, and Valentine’s Day is on the 14th – that’s a lot for one guy!) And, to my delight Greg is planning something special for us. I am working on something special for him! I am going to try and buy open day tickets to the Oriole’s as the anniversary gift for him (present it over our dinner) and for his birthday I was thinking of ordering a cake decked out with an Oriole’s theme (was considering a Seattle Seahawks cake but it would be out of (sport) season and such).

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