Good and Bad

The good:

First Picture with the new camera

This is my first picture taken with my NEW CAMERA!! Yeah, Greg can’t keep surprises from me. Oh! I don’t know which I luv more, the new camera of my new cell phone!! … camera is in a slight lead…

I can’t wait to take the camera out tomorrow and take some pictures (hopefully of the snow we might receive). I am so giddy!!

Now, onto the bad:

At this exact moment, I don’t know where the Sony camera is. I last had it when I was at the jewelery store taking pictures of the engagement ring (more on that later) and I don’t know what I did with it afterwards; I think I put it in the stroller. But, I don’t recall it being in the stroller as I was folding it and putting it back in the car. And, the camera isn’t in my purse and I don’t think it’s in the front seat of my car (I believe Greg would have seen it as he was getting a few things out of my car). Part of me isn’t so concerned about it but part of me is. I could run down the three flights of stairs and walk half way down the parking lot and check the car but I am too lazy and have so much to do (reading the books that came with the Canon, do my taxes as I am so freaking excited to see how much I might be getting back, etc).

Now, my engagement ring. I am honestly disappointed in the repair. Who ever worked on my ring did a horrible job – the soldering went over the diamond (one of the itty bitty ones on the side)! The sales guy that was assisting me even agreed and offered to take it back but I told him that I would keep it (I missed my ring so much) and will return on Monday when I can talk to the manager. And, it seems my fears about the small diamonds in the ring have come true. *sigh* I knew I shouldn’t have fallen in love with this ring, but I just loved how the little diamonds made it extra sparkly without being so obvious (meaning no big diamond) and gaudy. But, it looks like I am going to get a different (most likely the same ring without all the small diamonds in the channel) ring. I am feeling a little heartbroken, but I don’t want to have to keep returning to the jeweler for minor replacements/repairs (I am so rough on my jewelery). So, while we were at the store I was looking at their current display and commented on how the selection was so sparse compared to before and the sales guy said their supply is in the safe at the moment and suggested to come back on Monday (as the manager and I will have some talking and negotiations to do).

Other than that, the day has been uneventful. Greg’s loan is all said and done and we have a pretty good chunk of money to play with – we’re going to open a savings account this weekend, pay off one of my credit cards, and then we’re going to do some shopping (weather permitting) for me (new clothes and bras; oil change), Amelia (second car seat) and Greg (tires, car inspection (for exhaust) and clothes) and then next weekend we’re thinking about heading up to Ikea in White Marsh for some furniture (dresser and night stands) shopping! So, really not that much planned.

 Ok, going to work on my taxes – wish me luck for a huge refund!


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