Shopping + Fun = Good Times

I had so much fun shopping! And Greg treated me to a lot of “goodies” at Lane Bryant this afternoon, aside from the three bra’s he bought (one for as little as $6.99 and it’s one of those multi-purpose bras). Good thing I am a quick shopper when it comes to clothes – either I like it or I don’t, I don’t dwell on it (and I usually don’t try the clothes on as well). I only have to return a pair of pants as they’re way too big (my thighs and butt are not thick enough to fill the pants out – the waist is fine). In all, I think we spent about a half hour at Lane Bryant (and Amelia was being a doll the whole time).

Then we were off to Target!! We spent a good two and a half hours and spent nearly $400 ($396.41 to be exact), and we still need to go back for a few things that we couldn’t fit in the cart!

Shopping Cart
Shopping Cart

We bought a new stroller for Amelia, diapers, tons of gerber food, two shelves, two pillows, three towels, two hand towels, trash bags, socks and undies for Greg, two new outfits and pajama’s for Amelia, kitchen items, and I can’t remember what else we bought. We’re going back to get a new car-set for Greg’s car.

It’s so much fun to be able to shop without worrying how much your total is going to be. It’s so rare that Greg and I are able to shop like this; we usually keep to a pretty strict budget and tend to only buy things that we need versus want. We do well, budget wise, but it feels so good to be free of money stress even if it’s just for a weekend.

When we made it home Greg started to assemble the shelves and clean out the closets that we planned to put them in; then he proceeded to clean out his tubs for the third time! Greg is a major pack-rat and with some items I can understand, but with the others – eh? For example: Greg had a backpack that he kept from his freshman year of high school and it had a pop-tart package in it that he had no idea how old it was!! He threw it away AFTER cutting off the tag. Greg has thrown out A LOT of stuff since this past summer (all his pictures, cards, and letters from his ex and old flames, old shirts and jackets, bills from when he lived in NY briefly, old game boxes, etc) but he still has about three tubs full of ‘stuff’ (keep in mind, he had about 8 tubs all together). Greg even has a gift from his exes Mom that he doesn’t use and has been stored in a closet for years. I suggested he throw it out or give it back to his ex as it probably has more sentimental value to her than him. Hey, I used to be a pack-rat as well but quickly got out of that habit when I moved from home to Baltimore in 2002. When I think about keeping something I ask myself is it worth it to keep moving it with me (especially if Greg and I have to move this summer). Some things, yes; for example: I’ve kept all of Amelia’s hospital papers from when she was born and her hand made knitted hat as well as one article of clothing from each stage of her growth. Other than that, all the stuff from my past can fit in a shoe box. And, right now, all that I have from my past is one picture from my wedding and a single sheet of the guest book from the wedding and both these items include the people that are no longer here (my aunt Ellie and Adam’s Grandparents and Dad). I just don’t have a desire to keep things that I won’t look at or see on a regular basis. So, it’s an on going ‘issue’ for Greg to stop being such a pack-rat. He’s doing better, but still feels the need to save certain things (though I don’t see the need).

Once Greg was done with his packing of the tubs (again), we installed Diablo II onto my laptop and I played for about an hour (and I’ll more than likely play again). I played this game once or twice many moons ago and Greg has been wanting to buy the game pack each time we go to Target so this time we bought it. When I look for a game, whether console or PC, I have such a hard time finding something and it’s due to my attention span; I will look at the contents of the game and can tell if I’ll be able to focus on the game or not and generally I don’t buy anything. I tend to like the simple. non methodical thinking games. Games such as Diner Dash (which has a wedding version that’s just as fun). I see games as a way to relax and playing something that is going to tick me off isn’t a way to relax in my mind. I guess I just don’t get into games as others.

Speaking of games, Greg and I were talking about purchasing a Wii with our tax refunds and as we were talking about it we asked ourselves when would we have the time to play it. We hardly watch any TV now a days (I bought two movies on Black Friday that I haven’t even taken out of that annoying plastic wrap) and we haven’t touched our PS2 since July since we spend our time either on the computer, reading a book or magazine, cleaning, or just talking to one another. I would hate to spend the amount of money on a Wii (and all the accessories) and not use it. So, now we’re debating about buying a Wii; which is so weird when a few months ago we couldn’t wait until tax season so we could buy one!

Ugh, I can’t believe it’s almost 1am and I am here writing rather than in bed. This is so going to throw off my sleep schedule!!


One thought on “Shopping + Fun = Good Times

  1. Oh I know the feeling well about what to buy what to spend…we JUST had that conversation while we were watching The Apprentice…Claude was saying, we should each put “x” amount in an account and the rest in savings….except I want to go to the dentist…(hello big bucks!), buy a camera, get a new cell phone, and who knows what else! lol He just wants to cram some money in an account and use it for lunches, band recording money and who knows what else…..I just dunno….I’m having a hard enough time thinking about spending $600+ on a camera! Such a decision!

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