I am here (nor there).

I haven’t died.

The laptop hasn’t died.

I’m well – have all my fingers.

It’s been an off week and I had no motivation, desire, urge, need, feel, want, or any of the above to write. Plus, I didn’t really have anything to write about.

my life is moving in the slow lane; no action, no high speed chasing, no lane hopping, no thrills; just putzing along as its old lady on a Sunday driving pace; no here to go to, no where fast. (if that makes sense – it reads well in my thoughts but not sure how it reads to you ).

i have some things to look forward to: greg is totally planning some awesome (with what little info he’s provided me) surprise weekend get-aways next week (my 29th birthday) and the following weekend (our first anniversary). these surprises (which, for once, I have no idea what they are) are being methodically planned and require packing (as he’s given me some advance notice), plus I have to request the 8th of February off. I can only imagine what greg is up to.

in other news….

still waiting for my second W-2 from the temp company. i called them today and was informed, via the automated customer service machine, the W-2’s were being mailed on the 25th, today. i hope, with all hope i can muster, that the W-2 will be in the mail tomorrow. i want to finish my filing and get my thousands upon thousands of dollars (well, not that much money but close to $5k – not including greg refund) *insert rich evil laughing*.

greg and i went out to dinner last night and talked about what to do with our new money. it was decided to put some in a easy access savings account (well, more into the one I opened last weekend) and put a larger amount in a savings account that has a significantly higher interest rate but takes a little longer (processing time) to withdraw funds if we need them (basically, into the ING savings account with the 4.25% interest rate); greg wants to invest $500 in stocks and trading (though not do any actual trading) – i am a little iffy on this idea, i’m very satisfied with my 401(k) and that’s as much investing i want to do; therefore (i’ve been using this word a lot lately – anyone else notice this?) greg is going to set up the Scottrade account in his name only; i am going to pay off ALL my credit cards and close out two of them and keep the better one (capital one) open; and purchase (or stow away the funds) our airfare to Atlanta, GA for our May trip to the south. with all that said and done, we’ll still have a couple thousand left to play with (if all goes according to plan). We talked about buying the 40″ Samsung HD TV that we fell in-love with a few months ago (it’s now priced around $1700) but decided against it since we don’t really watch tv anymore and if anything we use the TV as background noise.

alas, it’s almost midnight and i am going to bed.

3 thoughts on “Hi

  1. I can’t save money worth a shit….if I put it in savings I’ll borrow a little here and a little there till it’s gone! LOL

    I need to stash it where I can’t get to it!

  2. Slow sometimes is good. 🙂 It allows us to see the things we perhaps may have missed by going to fast. I hope you have wonderful weekend away. I can’t wait for my vacation!!


  3. Tiz, i’m the same way hence the reason for the ING account – it’s not linked to my checking accounts therefore i won’t see the balance each time i log into my bank account; outta sight, outta mind.

    Claudia, this will be my first vacation since 1998!! and what makes this year cool is that we’re trying to get three vacation/trips into the year! I can’t wait.

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