since about 10:30 this morning, i’ve done nothing. why? did the employees here walk out? no. do we have an amazing manager and he told us to have the rest of the day off, company paid? no. was the company over taken by energy hogging pirates and i am a hostage and this is my plee for help? no. the reason is because we have no way to communicate to the outside world; we have no phone lines or internet. email is our only source; that and our cellphones.

so, it has been a very easy and painfully boring day. but, unlike my coworkers, i have means of entertainment due to my awesome cellie! and with this cellie i am posting this entry. after all i have absolutely nothing to do.

it is known that the phones will be out for the rest of the day and probably for half of tomorrow. the company is working on us to be able to make outbound calls but they dont know how long that will take to get up and running. why don’t they let us go home? because who knows what can happen later in the day and the company may need their employees. it sucks to sit at my desk with nothing to do, literally. greg said he wish that would happen at his job (the phone lines cut) but he would go nuts if he didn’t have the net to keep him occupied.

makes one wonder which is better; broken lines = no work or working lines with no net access.

what do you think is the lesser of two evils?


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